5 Reasons You Should Bet On The Kansas City Chiefs To Win Super Bowl LVII

The Philadephia Eagles may be favored to win Super Bowl LVII at online sportsbooks, but there are several reasons that gamblers should consider betting on the Kansas City Chiefs.

Here is a list of our top five reasons to bet on the Chiefs to beat the Eagles and win Super Bowl 57 on February 12th.

Why You Should Bet On The Chiefs To Win Super Bowl 57

1. The Chiefs Have The More Relevant Kelce

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce has been named to the NFL’s All Pro Team five times. His brother, Travis Kelce, has earned that designation four times.

We’re not saying that Jason is a slouch, but Travis will have a more direct impact on the game. Travis Kelce is listed as the third overall odds-getter for betting on the Super Bowl LVII MVP behind Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes.

2. The New-Look Chiefs Offense

Now that Tyreek Hill has become a member of the Miami Dolphins, the Chiefs’ offense is no longer a three-headed monster. Sure, Mahomes and Kelce are still there, but none of their running backs or wide receivers receive a bulk of the touches.

That aspect has made it tougher for opposing defenses to focus on a single player or double-team a number-one receiver. Mahomes is able to simply throw it to the open man, and no one is better than him at that in the NFL.

3. The Mahomes Injury

Normally, high ankle sprains take several weeks to recover from. It is the type of injury that tends to linger around as long as the athlete continues to complete, only truly healing after several weeks of rest in the offseason.

Patrick Mahomes is no normal athlete, however. He returned to the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars after suffering the sprain and won. He also beat the Bengals with that same hobbled ankle, putting field goal kicker Harrison Bucker into winning position after rushing the ball for 7 yards.

“His mama has some different genes. She’s double-jointed and all that. He gets that from his mama. The athletic ability comes from me. [The healing] part comes from his mama.”

Patrick Mahomes, Sr.

According to Patrick Mahomes’ dad, he is able to heal quickly due to his mother’s genetics. All the more reason to suggest he’ll be close enough to healthy to win Super Bowl 57.

4. The Chiefs Front Four

The Kansas City defensive line is an underrated unit led by tackle Chris Jones who had 15.5 sacks during the regular season. They will have their hands full with the rushing attack of the Eagles during the Super Bowl. That said, the Chiefs’ front four will be able to tee off on Jalen Hurts should they get an early lead.

5. Andy Reid

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is known for his quarterback-friendly offenses. He has consistently gotten the most out of any QB that has operated under his playbook. By the time of the kickoff, Reid will have had two full weeks to prepare for the Philadelphia defense.

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Source – The Kansas City Star

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