USD Coin Super Bowl Betting

When US gamblers want the most for their money, they make their online Super Bowl betting deposits with cryptocurrency. Of course, not all crypto is created equal, and with so many new bettors entering the market with the 2024 Super Bowl, betting on the Super Bowl with USD Coin is going to be an option that probably requires some extra clarification.

USD Coin super bowl betting

Betting on Super Bowl 2024 with USD Coin (USDC) – as opposed to betting on the Super Bowl with Bitcoin or another traditional crypto coin – is unique because USDC is a stablecoin. Stablecoins work differently than “normal” crypto coins in that their values never change. This might sound like a negative, but for first-time online bettors, it can be a major positive. Read on to find out why!

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Why Betting On The Super Bowl With USD Coin Is Best For Beginners

Launched in May 2018, USD Coin isn’t like other cryptos. Instead of having a dynamic valuation that rises and falls with the market, USD Coin is a stablecoin. This means that its value is inexorably tied to an established commodity, and that value can never change.

As you might have guessed from its name, USD Coin is tied 1:1 to the US dollar (USD). Thus, the USD Coin price is always one dollar. It never goes up, and it never goes down.

For many crypto investors, stable coins like USDC are only useful as a trading tool for swinging and hedging. However, for online Super Bowl gambling, USD Coin’s status as a dollar stand-in makes it easy for new crypto bettors to get started.

There’s not nearly as much risk involved with volatility, and by making USDC gambling deposits and withdrawals, you’ll more quickly learn all the basic crypto transaction and crypto storage concepts.

As an introduction to crypto and crypto betting, USD Coin is extremely valuable, and that’s the spirit in which we recommend using it to bet on the Super Bowl.

How To Bet On Super Bowl Odds With USD Coin

In order to bet on Super Bowl odds online with USDC, there are just a couple of steps to go over. First and foremost, you’ve actually got to get your hands on some USD Coin. Luckily, there are plenty of crypto exchanges and other crypto buy-in services that make that easy.

After that, you’ll have to sign up with one of the trusted venues featured in our online Super Bowl sportsbook reviews, making sure that your chosen service offers USDC support. That’s also easy enough.

In the following sections, we’ll cover both how and where to buy USDC – and how to join the best USDC betting sites – for first-time online crypto gamblers.

How To Buy USD Coin Cryptocurrency

Wherever you choose to purchase USDC, the process for doing so will largely be the same across the board. All the top exchanges use virtually identical general formats and have the same basic user requirements.

For our money, the main consideration is that you go with an online crypto exchange you’re comfortable with and which offers a dedicated mobile app experience.

Since you’ll be doing most of your gambling via the mobile Super Bowl betting portal at your sportsbook of choice, it’s only sensible that you’d join a mobile-friendly crypto exchange, right?

Where To Buy USD Coin Cryptocurrency

USDC is one of the most popular stable coins on the market, and it’s a top 10 crypto coin by market cap. This means that you can buy USD Coin at just about every legitimate US-based and international cryptocurrency exchange on the Internet. These are our top crypto exchange choices:

  • Binance US
  • Bittrex
  • Coinbase
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Kraken

We have active user accounts with all of the above, and they all work more or less the same way: Just sign up, enter in your personal info, verify your identity, link your bank account or credit/debit card, and buy as much USDC as you want.

The sole caveat is that new exchange users usually have to undergo a waiting period of 5-10 days before they’re eligible to send their new crypto funds to off-platform addresses, such as those used by legal online Super Bowl betting sites.

Be sure to keep this in mind and always plan ahead!

Where To Buy USD Coin Instantly

If you’ve never purchased crypto before, the top exchanges tend to make it difficult to get your hands on the stuff immediately. Due to regulatory rules, these exchanges prevent new members from sending their crypto off-platform for 5-10 days.

If you buy your crypto well ahead of time (i.e. during the first few rounds of the NFL Playoffs), you won’t have any trouble being ready to move your USD Coins to your sportsbook of choice in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

However, if there’s not much time left before kickoff, there are a few ways to expedite the crypto acquisition process and buy USDC ASAP:

  • Atomic Wallet Store – Download Atomic Wallet for iPhone or Android and buy USDC through the crypto app’s store. Verification takes just seconds, and you can send your USDC to any external address you please. Buying USDC this way also means you’ll already have a USD Coin wallet set up when it’s time to collect your payouts.
  • Coinify Store – Coinify is a crypto storefront that allows you to buy USDC and other popular coins and then have those coins delivered straight to your private wallet. Coinify is not yet available in all US states, however, and you may pay a bit of a premium going this route.
  • Cash App-To-BTC – Cash App is the only P2P app that lets you buy Bitcoin and then send that BTC anywhere you want (unlike PayPal* and Venmo*, which both restrict crypto trading to on-platform addresses only). If you buy Bitcoin with Cash App, you can then trade that BTC readily for USD Coin with which to bet on Super Bowl odds online.
  • Zelle-To-BTC – Using the Zelle Super Bowl Betting solution, you can buy BTC through the LocalBitcoins exchange. This takes just a few hours, and then you can trade that BTC for USD Coin or deposit it directly into your Super Bowl sportsbook of choice.

*You can still bet on the Super Bowl with PayPal or make Venmo Super Bowl betting deposits if you do so using online sportsbook vouchers or the MatchPay service (available exclusively at Bovada).

How To Place Super Bowl Bets With USD Coin

Once you’ve bought your USDC and have it in your exchange wallet or private wallet, the hard part is over. From here on out, betting on the Super Bowl online with USD Coin is just like gambling on sports with any other crypto asset.

Here’s the basic process from start to finish:

  1. Follow any link on this page to a reputable USD Coin gambling site with Super Bowl odds, and enter in all requested personal information. Be sure to use only your real, verifiable data.
  2. Select USD Coin from the crypto betting deposits menu and copy down your site’s “USD Coin sending address.” You can also choose an optional Super Bowl betting bonus at this time (recommended).
  3. Open your private USD Coin wallet or USDC exchange account and choose the “Send” option.
  4. Paste in the above USD Coin address along with the USDC amount you wish to transfer to your legal Super Bowl sportsbook, and submit the form.

Because the best Super Bowl gambling sites use the Ethereum ERC-20 token version of USD Coin, USDC deposits will take about as long Ethereum Super Bowl betting deposits (45-90 minutes). Additionally, fees will be a bit higher than for most other crypto coins.

To be clear, despite being a stablecoin, USD Coin fees are somewhat expensive. If you want lower fees as well as faster crypto transfer times, you should consider betting on the Super Bowl with Cardano, Litecoin, Solana, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, or similar altcoins.

How To Claim USD Coin Super Bowl Betting Payouts

One of the best reasons to bet with crypto is that you can then more easily withdraw your funds in crypto. And with most assets, crypto appreciation can make your payouts that much bigger over the medium and long terms.

However, since USDC is a stablecoin, it can’t ever increase in value. Still, when you withdraw in USDC, you’re one step closer to trading that USDC for other crypto coins at any online exchange, which is a definite benefit in its own right.

Here’s how to request your online Super Bowl betting payouts using USD Coin:

  1. Navigate to your sportsbook site’s cashier page and select the USD Coin withdrawal option from the crypto payout menu.
  2. Open your USDC wallet or log into your online USD Coin exchange and choose the “Receive” option.
  3. Copy down your unique “USD Coin receiving address.”
  4. Paste the above address into the appropriate field at your sportsbook’s withdrawal page, including the amount of USD Coin you’d like to pull out.
  5. Submit the payout request.

While USD Coin is one of the slowest online betting crypto platforms (along with Ethereum, Tether, and – in some cases – Bitcoin itself), USDC payouts are still same-day guaranteed. All crypto betting methods allow online sports gamblers to claim same-day payouts, which is something no other banking option offers.

That said, most gambling crypto coins take only 1-2 hours to process and transact, while USDC can take 3-4 hours, depending on network traffic and whether your payout is automatically approved or requires manual approval.

Usually, manual approval is only necessary when you’ve hit a particularly big Super Bowl prop bet or Super Bowl parlay bet. This normally adds just an hour or two on top of each crypto’s typical network transaction times.

Pro-Tip: You can withdraw your winnings in any cryptocurrency supported by your betting site. That is, even if you deposit in USDC, you don’t have to withdraw in USDC. If you check the daily crypto price charts, you can use this flexibility to your extreme advantage.

USD Coin Super Bowl Betting Bonuses

Online sports betting bonuses are one of the main differentiators when new gamblers are browsing potential Super Bowl betting sites to join. Each venue has different bonuses in general, but all top operators give crypto depositors enhanced bonuses.

These increased online betting promos usually add 2-3X more Super Bowl free bets to your bankroll compared to Visa gambling deposits, Mastercard gambling deposits, and other traditional bet funding methods (i.e. bank wires, money orders, retail money transfers, etc.).

But even as crypto deposits earn bigger gambling bonuses, they still tend to come with the same low rollover requirements as smaller promos. This makes them easy to meet for the vast majority of Super Bowl gamblers.

We always recommend accepting online sportsbook promos whenever they’re offered, provided you understand that you won’t be able to pull out any winnings until you’ve met your wagering requirements or the bonus time period expires. Again, for most bettors, this should never be a problem.