Legal Super Bowl Betting With Venmo

Because the best legal Super Bowl betting sites operate offshore, when it comes time to bet on the biggest game of the year, you may find that common person-to-person (or P2P) instant pay services like Venmo can’t be used directly for bet-funding. However, legal Super Bowl betting with Venmo is still possible at a limited number of trusted online sportsbooks, with Bovada being the first to support the service through its voucher and MatchPay bet funding options.


Venmo is the second most popular P2P money-sending app in the United States, and when you use Bovada Vouchers or Bovada MatchPay, you can top off your betting account – and often receive same-day payouts – by using the Venmo app to buy and sell betting site account balances. These are private transactions that legally get around the UIGEA banking regulation, and all Venmo betting options are safe and secure.

Bovada Sportsbook – Use Venmo To Bet On The Super Bowl Online

Bovada Super Bowl logo

Bovada Sportsbook is America’s favorite place for Venmo Super Bowl betting. In fact, the site sees more action in the two weeks leading up to the NFL championship game – and on Super Bowl Sunday itself – than it sees during the entire NFL season!

Of course, that’s because Bovada has over a thousand Super Bowl prop bets on the menu, along with live betting options and an interactive online Super Bowl Prop Builder that lets members assemble their own props and parlays for tens of thousands of different possible wagers.

Of course, Bovada Super Bowl betting isn’t the only reason to join. Bovada is also a fully-fledged online casino with hundreds of RNG electronic casino games, live-dealer casino tables, a full poker room, and a global horse racing betting portal. One account gives you access to everything, but their Super Bowl odds menu is undeniably the crown jewel.

  • Super Bowl Sign-Up Bonus: 50% Deposit Match Up To $1,000
  • Deposit Methods: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Zelle, Litecoin, Ethereum, USDT, MatchPay, and Sportsbook Vouchers

Venmo Friendly Online Sportsbooks For 2024 - 2025 Use P2P Apps At The Top Football Betting Sites

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How To Use Venmo For Online Super Bowl Betting

If you’re going to bet on the Super Bowl, in most cases you’ll already be familiar with online sports betting in general. That said, the Super Bowl is the single most popular betting event on earth, and more new sports bettors place their very first wagers on the NFL title tilt each year.

But whether you’re new to the game or have been betting online for years, you may not be aware that – at Bovada (and likely other major operators in the near future) – you can actually use the Venmo P2P app to make online gambling deposits and withdrawals.

You can’t do this directly, of course, since Venmo Super Bowl betting is USA-only. However, because Bovada utilizes sports betting vouchers and supports the third-party MatchPay betting service, you can use Venmo to buy other site members’ account balances for deposits and sell your own account balances to fellow players to claim payouts.

The process isn’t as straightforward or rapid as some other banking options, but it’s a great choice for Venmo users and those who would rather not bet with Bitcoin, bet with Ethereum, or gamble with other cryptocurrencies.

The next sections will tell you Venmo than you ever needed to know about this clever online betting banking method.

Online Betting Venmo Deposits And Withdrawals

Venmo Super Bowl betting deposits and withdrawals work more or less the same way. However, there are a few differences that we’ll cover below. Once you’ve read about Venmo voucher and MatchPay options, you’ll be able to use either method (currently at Bovada only) to top off your bankroll and claim payouts quickly.

As a side note, it’s important to remember that Venmo isn’t the only P2P network that works with these methods. You can actually use PayPal, Cash App, Zelle, and various e-Wallet platforms (Apple Pay Super Bowl betting, Google Pay Super Bowl betting, Samsung Pay Super Bowl betting, etc.) with online sports betting vouchers. Meanwhile, the MatchPay service currently only supports P2P apps, not eWallets (yet).

How To Make Venmo Super Bowl Betting Deposits

If you want to use Venmo to bet on Super Bowl odds, you must first sign up for Venmo. You can initiate a Venmo app download for your mobile platform of choice (which goes great with mobile SB betting) by installing Venmo for iPhone from the App Store or installing Venmo for Android from the Google Play store. After that, just enroll and link your bank account, credit card, or debit card.

While it is possible to use a Venmo-linked debit or credit card to make online gambling deposits, the UIGEA banking regulation will cause these to be declined about 10% of the time, making them a less reliable option than vouchers or MatchPay.

You can try to make debit/credit online betting deposits with Venmo by using the standard card deposit options at your Super Bowl sportsbook of choice, but we do not recommend this route. Venmo is best utilized at Bovada via its private P2P transfer feature.

Venmo Voucher Deposits

  1. Navigate to Bovada Sportsbook by following any link on this page and clicking the red “Join” button.
  2. Enter in all required personal information, using your real, verifiable data. Bovada uses industry-standard KYC protocols to secure your online profile, and the site never shares or sells your private info.
  3. Skip the deposit option for now and head over to the Bovada Community member message board, where you can find Bovada Voucher codes for sale.
  4. Select a voucher code advertising a suitable deposit value and which specifies that Venmo is an accepted form of payment.
  5. Contact the seller, arrange the terms of the sale, and Venmo them your payment.
  6. Once your seller receives the funds, they will release their voucher code to you (via text, email, messenger service, etc.).
  7. Head back to the Bovada Cashier and select the Voucher option from the deposit menu.
  8. Paste in your voucher code and select an optional online Super Bowl betting bonus. You deposit will be credited immediately with no added fees, and you’re ready to bet!

Venmo MatchPay Deposits

  1. Follow any link on this page to Bovada Sportsbook and sign up using your real, verifiable credentials.
  2. Select the MatchPay deposit option from the online bet funding menu.
  3. A window will pop up prompting you to sign up with the MatchPay service. This free MatchPay signup process requires you to verify your phone number and email address, and it takes about five minutes. Once finished, you’ll be an official MatchPay Trader.
  4. Link your Venmo account credentials to your MatchPay account.
  5. Back at Bovada, enter in the amount of money you wish to deposit using MatchPay, and submit the form.

Please note: MatchPay is a third-party service that allows members of online vendors to buy and sell account balances between one another. MatchPay is not a gambling company and does not endorse online betting. Bovada simply uses the service to streamline the above voucher process by automating everything.

MatchPay is faster for deposits (and withdrawals) than vouchers, as it removes the buyer-seller communication and coordination aspect. However, MatchPay limits are lower than voucher limits, and MatchPay does not support voucher-friendly eWallets such as Apple Pay, G Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.

How To Claim Venmo Super Bowl Betting Payouts

Claiming payouts using vouchers or MatchPay is a simple matter, especially if you’ve already used either to make your deposit.

Of course, you can use any Super Bowl betting withdrawal method regardless of your mode of deposit, so if you’d like to use vouchers or MatchPay for payouts but haven’t yet gone through the above setup processes (especially that for becoming a MatchPay Trader), you must follow those steps first.

Once you’re ready, the next two sections outline all you need to do to take advantage of either payout method.

Venmo Voucher Withdrawals

  1. Head over to the Bovada Cashier and request a voucher payout from the withdrawals menu.
  2. Enter in the amount of your betting balance you’d like to pull out, and Bovada will email you a voucher code in the full amount using your on-file email address.
  3. Once you receive your online sports betting voucher code, navigate to the Bovada Community forum and post it for sale. Be sure to indicate the amount of the voucher and the fact that you accept Venmo payments.
  4. Once a seller contacts you to buy your Bovada Voucher code, arrange the sale and await payment.
  5. As soon as the Venmo transfer comes through, release your voucher code to the buyer immediately via text, email, messenger, etc. Bovada oversees the voucher process and mandates that all sellers send their codes to buyers ASAP.
  6. You can then cash out your balance at Venmo ATMs, keep the funds in your Venmo account, or transfer them directly to your linked bank account.

Note: Venmo vouchers are the fastest Super Bowl payout option when you want to cash out in USD, as even crypto payouts require a few extra steps to move your assets into actual fiat money. 

Venmo MatchPay Withdrawals

  1. Visit the Bovada Cashier page and select MatchPay from the payout menu. (If you aren’t already a MatchPay Trader, follow the instructions outlined above to join the service.)
  2. Using the MatchPay portal, enter in the amount of money you wish to claim from your eligible betting balance.
  3. MatchPay will automatically pair you with a buyer.
  4. Once paired, MatchPay will kick off the transfer. Simply approve the trade in your linked Venmo account once you receive the notification, and that’s it!

While both vouchers and MatchPay allow for same-day payouts on occasion, these are not guaranteed. This is because both services are entirely dependent on member demand at your online Super Bowl sportsbook.

In our experience using both options with some frequency, we’ve found that voucher payouts can be had the same day you request them about 70% of the time, while MatchPay allows for same-day payouts roughly 90% of the time.

If you absolutely must receive your Super Bowl gambling winnings same-day (because you’re going to Disney World! or something), the best option is to request your money in a supported cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.

Crypto is the only online betting banking method that allows for guaranteed same-day payouts, and they’re usually delivered within just an hour or two.

How To Bet On The Super Bowl With Venmo

Now that you know how to make deposits and receive payouts using Venmo Super Bowl betting sites, you’ll need to know how to bet on the NFL itself. Basically, as long as you’ve read up on various Super Bowl predictions and have taken a look at the Super Bowl preview, you’re good to go.

All the best Super Bowl betting sites offer the following types of lines and markets, presented in the American moneyline format:

You can even assemble your own custom Super Bowl prop bets using your site’s prop builder applications. These allow you to create player and team props as well as legal Super Bowl parlays and cross-sport bets. With online prop builders, you basically have an infinite number of wagers you can create.

Venmo Super Bowl Betting FAQs

There are actually no sports betting sites that use Venmo directly, as Venmo is a USA-only service on the P2P and debit sides of the equation.

This is why we only recommend using Venmo for betting on the Super Bowl – and on all other sports at legal offshore betting sites – in conjunction with gambling vouchers and the third-party MatchPay service.

Venmo credit cards can be used internationally, but there are also various issues with this that make these cards less than ideal when it comes to legal sports betting banking (see below).

Disclaimer: This page about how to use Venmo to bet on the Super Bowl is for informational purposes only.Venmo does not endorse this site, any online sportsbook, or any type of gambling entertainment.