Super Bowl Prop Bets For Team Stats

Super Bowl prop bets for all occurrences during the final Sunday of the NFL postseason are plentiful, and a major portion of that market is dedicated to SB odds on team stats and performances.  Super Bowl prop bets for team stats take action from the opening kickoff until the final whistle, and the following guide details how and where to do so legally.

We reveal where team props can be wagered upon at the best legal Super Bowl betting sites, the laws involved, as well as the NFL bet types that will be encountered. Don’t make a team-based prop bet without reading this playbook first.

The Best Super Bowl Team Prop Betting Sites For 2024 Bet On SB 58 At These Trusted Sportsbooks

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What Are NFL Team Props For Super Bowl 58?

Prop bets involving team performance totals for Super Bowl LVIII gambling will include any achievable statistic that a participating franchise can attain.

Super Bowl prop bets will vary in how they are presented. One popular variety of team prop bets is offered in over/under form. Total touchdowns, sacks, rushing yards, and more are available for SB prop betting, and wins can be earned by selecting whether the final tally will be above or below the line.

Another option at the sites that have earned a spot on our list of Super Bowl sportsbook reviews provides segmented stats with NFL moneyline odds granted toward each range. As long as the final stat outcome falls within the range wagered upon,  prop bets will pay off.

Other SB odds will list the two Super Bowl teams head-to-head in any number of statistical categories and offer props with moneylines posted for each franchise to achieve the said outcome.

The lines blur on many categories of sports betting, especially in regard to Super Bowl futures. Technically, all futures odds qualify as a prop bet, but because of their immense growth in popularity, they’ve been granted a section to themselves at online sportsbooks.

How To Bet On Super Bowl Team Props

NFL team prop bets can include statistical performances or any outcome that can be attributed to either franchise that is playing in the Super Bowl. Each option for betting will include moneyline odds that reveal the probability of it occurring and allow gamblers the knowledge of the amount that can be won.

Here is an example of a SB team prop bet:

Which Team Will Score The First Touchdown? 

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers -140
  • New England Patriots +180

In the above NFL prop bet, Tampa Bay is favored to score the first TD and have a negative moneyline. A $1.40 wager is required to net a one-dollar gain by betting on the Buccaneers to score a touchdown first.

The Patriots are the underdog in the above Super Bowl prop, and their +180 moneyline will reward gamblers with $1.80 in net gains per each dollar that is wagered.

Types Of Super Bowl Team Props

Team-related Super Bowl game props include, but are not limited, to the following NFL bet types:

  • Either Team To Score 40+ Points
  • Total Team Field Goals
  • Total Team Touchdowns
  • Both Teams to Score Over 19.5
  • Both Teams to Score Over 24.5
  • Defensive Or Special Teams TD Scored
  • First Score of Game is Touchdown
  • Total Field Goals
  • Total Touchdowns
  • Largest Lead (either team)
  • Longest Touchdown (either team)
  • Will there be a Safety?
  • Team to Score First
  • Time of First Score (minutes elapsed)
  • Will Either Team Score on Their First Drive?
  • Will There Be a Scoreless Quarter?
  • 3 Straight Scores by Either Team
  • Team to Score Last
  • Highest Scoring Half
  • Race to 10 Points
  • Race to 15 Points
  • Race to 20 Points
  • Team to Score First Wins
  • Team to Score Last Wins
  • Will There Be Overtime?
  • Total First Downs
  • Most First Downs
  • Highest Scoring Quarter

How To Sign Up With A Sports Betting Site

We highly recommend doing business with any of the online Super Bowl betting sites that we promote on this page, but wagering on NFL props with them requires joining as a member and being over 18 years old.

We recommend becoming a member with more than one online book offering Super Bowl team odds and props because it allows for shopping the odds and finding the easiest route to a win.

Once you’ve decided which books you want to lay some action on Super Bowl game props for team performances at, locate the join icon atop the sports betting site homepage, click it, and enter all requested data to create an account profile.

Super Bowl game prop bets cannot be won without risking some cash, so before hitting the bookie window, make sure to deposit USD or cryptocurrency. We recommend betting with crypto at the best Bitcoin sportsbooks, Ethereum sportsbooks, Cardano sportsbooks, USD Coin sportsbooks, and so on, since crypto is the most valuable way to wager online.

Once your account is funded, locate the sportsbook tab and the football or NFL section should be prominently placed toward the top of the list. Inside, wagers can be placed on team-based Super Bowl prop bets, first score by either franchise, total field goals, or any other notable occurrences achievable by an NFL Championship contender.

Current Team Prop Bets: Super Bowl 58

There are team performance Super Bowl prop bets on the boards at online Superbowl betting sites taking action right now! Here are a few that have hit the boards prior to kickoff.

Either Team To Score a Safety

  • Yes +1100
  • No -5000

Total 1st Half Points

  • Odd -115
  • Even -115

Either Team to Make First Coaches Challange During Super Bowl 2024

  • Yes -115
  • No -115

If you’re eager to get after some advance SB props, Super Bowl MVP propositions are up for most of the year, and SB halftime show odds are often the earliest to hit the boards and can scratch that championship NFL betting itch a few months ahead of February.

Yes. Both domestic and overseas Super Bowl betting sites place a premium on NFL prop bets for the big game, including team-based odds for performance and stat totals. The Super Bowl gambling laws for sports betting vary from state to state, with some regions not allowing domestic books at all.

That’s why we prefer offshore sports betting sites – they are available in all US states over the web, and there are no laws on the books that say American gamblers can’t partake in a Super Bowl team prop bets for real cash.

Mobile Sportsbooks And Superbowl Betting Apps

The international sports betting sites that we link to in the table above grant access to their sportsbook services on popular smartphones and tablets – but don’t go rushing to the download store. These mobile sportsbooks are web apps that can be accessed using mobile browsers by simply clicking on any of the links provided on this page

Popular Apple and Android handheld devices can place prop bets on Super Bowl LVIII from anywhere with an Internet connection in the United States. All of the lines, odds, and props for the Super Bowl that are posted on the main sportsbook desktop site are ported to their mobile versions, so bettors aren’t losing access to any action by wagering on the go.

Prop Builders For Super Bowl 58

Although a relatively new feature, Super Bowl prop builders are now at most online books and provide a convenient tool that gathers all of the lines into one place. These builder apps are mostly focused on team stats and Super Bowl prop bets for player performances and save patrons the time of surfing pages of results.

These prop builders are also set up for easy Super Bowl parlay creation for maximum payouts with minimum risk. While these builders do not include popular off-the-field wagers such as coin toss props, or Super Bowl National Anthem betting, we anticipate their inclusion any year now.

Live Betting On NFL Team Super Bowl Prop Bets

In-game odds allow for live betting on the Super Bowl while the clock is running, meaning that wagers do not have to be placed before kickoff. Most SB props (halftime show odds, betting on Super Bowl commercials, etc.) qualify as live betting odds because they can be wagered on up and until a decisive conclusion has been rendered.

For instance, if laying some action on a Super Bowl prop for team rushing totals, payouts do not occur until those thresholds are met or the game ends, whichever comes first.

The odds will change as the Super Bowl progresses, so earlier wagers on team SB props typically offer a greater chance of earning a large cash jackpot.

Greatest All Time Team Super Bowl Performances

  • Most Super Bowls Won: 7, New England Patriots
  • Most Super Bowl Appearances: 11, New England Patriots
  • Most Points Scored In A Super Bowl: 55, San Francisco 49ers, XXIV
  • Most Total Points Scored In A Super Bowl: 75, San Diego Chargers and San Francisco 49ers, XXIV
  • Fewest Total Points Scored In A Super Bowl: 16, New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams, LIII
  • Most Lead Changes In A Super Bowl: 7, Pittsburgh Steelers and Los Angeles Rams, XIV
  • Most Touchdowns In A Super Bowl: 8, San Francisco 49ers, XXIV
  • Longest Super Bowl Touchdown Scoring Drive: 96, 3-way tie between Chicago Bears (XX), Indianapolis Colts (XLIV), and New England Patriots (XLVI)
  • Most Total Touchdowns In A Super Bowl: 10, San Diego Chargers and San Francisco 49ers, XXIV
  • Most Safeties In A Game: 9, (8-way tie)
  • Most Yards On Offense In A Super Bowl: 613, New England Patriots, LII
  • Most Total Combined Yards In A Super Bowl: 1,151, New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, LII
  • Most Rushing Attempts In A Super Bowl: 57, Pittsburgh Steelers, IX
  • Most Rushing Yards In A Super Bowl: 280, Washington Redskins, XXII
  • Most Rushing Touchdowns In A Super Bowl: 4, Chicago Bears (XX) tied with Denver Broncos (XXXII)
  • Most Total Rushing Yards In A Super Bowl: 377, Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos, XXII
  • Most Interceptions In A Super Bowl: 5, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, XXXVII
  • Most Sacks In A Super Bowl: 7, 3-way tie between Pittsburgh Steelers (X), Chicago Bears (XX), and the Denver Broncos (50)
  • Fastest Score In Super Bowl History: 12 Seconds (14:48 in first quarter), Seattle Seahawks, Safety, XLVIII