Ethereum Super Bowl Betting

While online sports betting is a massive market worldwide, there’s no single game that gets more action than the Super Bowl. Each year, the big game sets a record for betting handle, and the 2023 Super Bowl should continue that trend. As such, in the offshore market, Ethereum Super Bowl betting will account for more Super Bowl bets than ever. That’s why there’s never been a better time to get invested in the cryptocurrency gambling game.

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As the second most popular crypto coin, Ethereum (ETH, aka Ether) is one of the widely used deposit and withdrawal methods at all the best online Super Bowl sportsbooks. That said, ETH Super Bowl betting is only available at international sites, as no domestic operator supports any kind of crypto gambling. Plus, because online Ethereum Super Bowl betting means online Ethereum Super Bowl bonuses, you can bet more and win more with ETH!

Bovada Sportsbook - The Best Ethereum Super Bowl Betting Site For 2023

Bovada super bowl betting

Bovada Super Bowl odds are renowned as being the most varied in the business, and we expect upwards of 1000 or more different lines posted for Super Bowl 2023. In fact, with the new Bovada Prop Builder, members will be able to make their own Super Bowl bets and parlays, adding literally countless lines to the already huge selection of Bovada Super Bowl props.

While the site accepts several other cryptos and payment options for deposits and withdrawals, ETH has perhaps the highest investment potential for gamblers this side of Bitcoin itself. If you hold ETH – or if you’re just getting started in the crypto market – Ethereum is an excellent choice. With ETH at Bovada, you can gamble with the best while you gamble with the best!

Ethereum-Friendly Super Bowl 2023 Betting Sites Use Crypto At The Top Online NFL Sportsbooks

Site Link & ReviewBonusRatingUSA
50% Max $1,000
5 Star RatingUSA Flag With Checkmark
125% Max $3,125
4.5 Star RatingUSA Flag With Checkmark
50% Max $1,000
4.5 Star RatingUSA Flag With Checkmark
100% Max $1,000
4.5 Star RatingUSA Flag With Checkmark
100% Max $500
4.5 Star RatingUSA Flag With Checkmark
SB Sports
100% Max $500
4.5 Star RatingUSA Flag With Checkmark

Why Ethereum Is A Great Super Bowl Betting Payment Option

2021There are a number of different online Super Bowl bet funding options at the top-rated sportsbook sites, but Ethereum is consistently one of the most sought-after. While Bitcoin Super Bowl betting still reigns supreme, Ethereum is the most prevalent altcoin on the market, and many bettors actually prefer Ether thanks to its wider crypto use cases.

Despite the ETH price being much lower than the Bitcoin price, Ethereum is the single most heavily used crypto blockchain platform. For those who already hold crypto, they likely have plenty of ETH in their wallets and/or online exchange accounts. This makes topping off their Super Bowl betting bankrolls quick and easy.

However, for those gamblers just now taking the crypto plunge, things can seem a little overwhelming. Fortunately, Ethereum can be purchased at any reputable exchange, and you can get set up in just a few minutes by following the steps outlined in our ETH Super Bowl betting guide.

How To Bet On The Super Bowl With Ethereum Cryptocurrency

Before you can bet with Ethereum, you have to bet on Ethereum. That is, you’ll need to set up a crypto exchange account, link your banking information, and verify your ID via your exchange’s KYC (Know Your Customer) protocols.

This takes just a few minutes, but you should be aware that most exchanges mandate a waiting period of 5-10 days before new users can send their ETH – or any other purchased crypto – off-platform to offshore Super Bowl sportsbooks.

Fortunately, the Super Bowl doesn’t kick off until February, so you have plenty of time to set up your portfolio and familiarize yourself with ETH sports betting in time for the biggest game of the year.

How To Buy Ethereum

If you’ve ever bought crypto before, you already know how to buy Ether. However, if this is your first time purchasing crypto, you may need a little guidance. Well, you’ve come to the right place, because this page highlights everything you need to know to get started quickly, safely, and legally.

The first step required for those looking to buy Ethereum is to join a legal, reputable online cryptocurrency exchange. Our favorites are listed in the next section, but regardless of the venue you choose, the process is the same:

  1. Join the service.
  2. Enter in all required credentials.
  3. Submit any requested KYC documentation.
  4. Link your credit/debit card or bank account.
  5. Buy as much ETH as you want.

Note: Once your funds are fully unlocked and eligible for off-platform transactions, we recommend making an online sportsbook deposit with any site listed here, and then moving the rest of your Ether to a private Ethereum wallet like Atomic, Exodus, etc.

Where To Buy Ethereum

If you live in the United States, you have multiple great options for where to buy ETH. The exchanges at which we’re members ourselves – and which we recommend with full confidence – are Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Binance US, Bittrex, and Kraken. While all exchanges have selections of various altcoins you can’t find anywhere else, Ethereum is universally supported by every single crypto exchange.

In other words, you won’t have to go hunting for the stuff through the ether to find a legitimate buy-in platform. Just as every top-rated online Super Bowl betting site that accepts BTC accepts ETH, every major exchange that supports BTC also supports ETH. There’s no need to dig around, and there’s definitely no need to mine Ethereum to get your hands on the stuff!

How To Place Super Bowl Bets With ETH

Once you have some Ether, it’s as simple as can be to get your online betting account funded. First things first, though: To bet real money online (and ETH is definitely real money!), you’ve got to sign up with a legal online sportsbook.

The enrollment and depositing procedures are the same at every major Super Bowl gambling site we recommend, so here’s all you’ve got to do:

  1. Follow any link here to your online sports betting site of choice. If you’d like, you can browse their current Super Bowl props and Super Bowl futures before doing so, which will let you shop lines to pick the operator with the best payouts for your picks.
  2. Enter in all required information, taking care to use your real, verifiable data. All legit SB betting sites use SSL and TLS encryption, and they never share or sell your private info.
  3. Choose the Ethereum deposit option and an optional Super Bowl bonus. ETH gives bettors the best possible promotions with the most free plays, which is one of the primary reasons to bet with crypto in the first place.
  4. Copy down your site’s “Ethereum sending address” and paste this into your crypto exchange or private ETH wallet’s “Send” field.
  5. Select the Ethereum amount you’d like to transfer to your sportsbook and submit the ticket.

ETH deposits take 30-60 minutes to clear, depending on network congestion. Ethereum is one of the slowest crypto deposit options due to its verification rates and popularity, but your account should be fully funded within the hour.

Also note that Ethereum fees are sometimes fairly high compared to other crypto deposit options, though your sportsbook site does not charge any added fees for ETH deposits.

How To Claim Ethereum Super Bowl Payouts

Most people who bet on the Super Bowl want their payouts ASAP, especially if they’re more casual online sports gamblers. And because the Super Bowl sees action from more casual bettors than any other event on the sporting calendar, this probably means you fall into that camp.

Luckily, claiming Super Bowl Ethereum payouts is simple and straightforward:

  1. Head over to your site’s cashier page and select the Ethereum crypto from the withdrawal menu.
  2. Open your online Ethereum wallet or exchange account and copy down your unique “Ethereum receiving address.”
  3. Paste the above ETH address into the appropriate field at your sportsbook site, and input the amount of ETH you’d like to pull out.
  4. Submit the payout request.

For most Ethereum Super Bowl payouts, requests will be automatically approved as long as you’ve met your bonus rollover requirements. For particularly large wins, however, your request will likely have to be authorized manually by site operators. This process can take up 24-48 hours, but it usually just takes 1-2 hours.

Once approved, your Ethereum withdrawal will arrive in your Ethereum wallet or at your ETH exchange account within 30-60 minutes. Again, every ETH transfer has native built-in transaction fees (aka Ethereum “gas fees”), which will be disclosed before you submit your payout request.

If you find these ETH fees to be too high, the best Super Bowl betting sites allow you to claim payouts in any other supported cryptocurrency. At most top sites, we recommend requesting withdrawals via Litecoin to save on fees. However, if you intend to keep your ETH for investment purposes, it’s best to transfer it as is and not as a different crypto asset.

Ethereum Super Bowl Betting Bonuses

All the best sportsbooks offer special bonus promotions around Super Bowl time, but you don’t have to wait. The top sites give Ethereum gamblers the best possible bonuses no matter what season it is, with welcome promos boosting your bankroll by 2-3X more free plays than traditional deposit bonuses offer.

Reload bonuses also come with special enhancements whenever you use Ether, giving you more free money – i.e. more free Ethereum! – whenever you top up your account.

Best of all, of course, is that your Ethereum Super Bowl bonuses come with the same low rollovers as standard deposit bonuses, making them easy to meet even for those who only bet on Super Bowl lines. Every top site makes its bonus terms and conditions clear, and you’re advised to check these out before accepting any online Super Bowl promotion.

Remember, these promos are 100% optional, and you can feel free to call an audible. That said, we wouldn’t be very good coaches if we didn’t tell you that bonuses are always our first checkdown. So if you want to throw a hail Mary with house money, betting bonuses should be at the top of your playbook!

Ethereum Super Bowl Betting FAQs

Is Ethereum Super Bowl betting legitimate?


All Ethereum sports betting is perfectly legitimate so long as US players gamble with reputable, trustworthy offshore SB betting sites.

The venues listed here are all safe and legal to use for USA players, as there are no federal gambling laws that bar access to real-money online sports betting with these operators.

The majority of US states have no local laws against online gambling, either, though residents of Washington state are nominally barred from all online sports betting.

However, even though these WA Super Bowl betting laws are historically not enforced, we advise you to follow all local sports betting rules and regulations.

Is Ethereum Super Bowl betting safe?


Betting on the Super Bowl with crypto is as safe as online sports betting gets, as no other payment method enjoys the level of security that the blockchain provides.

Ethereum in particular has proved itself to be among the safest cryptos out there, as it was launched in 2015 and has been going strong ever since.

That said, please remember that Ethereum is not fully anonymous, and while ETH sports bettors do enjoy an increased level of financial privacy, you must only use Ether – or any other crypto – for lawful, approved purposes.

Do all sportsbooks with Vegas Super Bowl odds accept Ethereum?

Yes and no.

“Vegas Super Bowl betting” is a catch-all term these days, even if you’re not actually betting in Las Vegas.

As such, provided you use an international US-friendly sports betting site, you can use Ethereum for all online bet funding.

Ironically, if you’re in NV and betting with a Vegas online sportsbook, you can’t actually bet with ETH or any other crypto coin.

Crypto betting is exclusive to the legal offshore gambling market, as domestic operators only accept USD debit and direct bank transfers.

Do I have to bet on the Super Bowl with Ethereum?


You can bet on the 2023 Super Bowl with any banking option you prefer.

The top sites not only accept Ethereum, they also accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and various other popular altcoins.

That said, if you want to maximize your payouts, betting with ETH is a great choice because of the huge Ether investment potential, especially as the ETH platform transitions to Ethereum 2.0 – which, incidentally, should happen right around the time Super Bowl 57 rolls around!

Is Bitcoin or Ethereum better for Super Bowl gambling?

The Bitcoin v. Ethereum debate has been raging for years.

In the NFL sports world, the most obvious equivalent is the Brady v. Belichick debate.

But while Tom Terrific has proven to be the distinct X-factor in that equation, there’s no evidence that BTC or ETH is “better” than the other.

Many crypto hodlers prefer ETH over BTC due to Ethereum smart contract and NFT support, as Ether has wider industrial applications than Bitcoin.

However, others prefer the seemingly greater investment potential of BTC.

It really just depends on your personal preferences. Both options – as well as the other crypto Super Bowl betting methods supported by the top sites – are equally valid and beneficial.

What is the fastest way to buy Ethereum for Super Bowl betting?

For sports bettors, time is often of the essence.

After all, odds often change by the day, even if you’re placing Super Bowl futures half a year out from the contest itself.

For most players, it’s crucial to acquire ETH with which to gamble in the most rapid fashion possible.

That being said, unlike the Zelle-to-Bitcoin process or the Cash App-to-BTC process, there are no “shortcuts” to buying ETH for first-timers.

Whichever exchange you choose, you’ll have to submit yourself to that aforementioned 5-10-day wait before you can actually send your money off-platform to any legal Super Bowl betting sites.

Fortunately, so long as you take care of business ASAP, you’ll have your account loaded up and ready for kickoff long before Super Bowl Sunday!

Which Super Bowl sportsbook has the fastest Ethereum payouts?

All the best Super Bowl betting sites payout at roughly the same speeds.

Ethereum – like all supported gambling cryptos – allows for same-day payouts, and these are delivered within one hour once your online betting site has authorized the withdrawal request.

Just be sure that you’ve met all your Ethereum Super Bowl bonus rollover requirements beforehand because you can’t pull out any winnings until you’ve fulfilled your promotional terms and conditions.

What kinds of fun Super Bowl bets are available when ETH gambling?

No online Super Bowl sportsbook would be worth its moneylines if the odds themselves weren’t varied and engaging.

Remember, the Super Bowl is the biggest betting event of the sports year, and much of the action is predicated on various lines you can’t find for any other game.

Sure, you’ll get your standard Ethereum live betting lines and Ethereum spread betting/straight betting/totals betting lines, but most gamblers want the fun stuff.

And that’s where these books absolutely shine.

You can bet on the Super Bowl coin flip, you can put money on dozens of Super Bowl halftime odds, and you can even wager on wacky things like the color of the winning coach’s Gatorade bath and the length of the national anthem.

Broadcast Super Bowl props are available, too, as are Super Bowl commercial odds.

If you give yourself adequate time to browse the boards, there’s simply no telling what you’ll find!

Want to place a Super Bowl streaker bet? You can do that at the best online SB gambling sites!

Do Super Bowl betting sites charge fees for gambling with Ethereum?


Ethereum fees are assessed for all transactions, but these are native to the ETH blockchain, and there’s no getting around them.

In fact, all cryptocurrencies have built-in blockchain fees.

However, your legal online sportsbook will never charge you extra for depositing with Ethereum or claiming ETH payouts.  

What is the best Ethereum wallet for Super Bowl betting?

For online sports betting, we recommend using a private Ethereum wallet.

While you can leave your ETH on the exchange where you bought it and make transfers to and from your offshore Super Bowl betting site that way, this is a less secure option.

For the best balance of security and convenience, private ETH software wallets or ETH mobile wallets are the best choices.

We’ve had great experiences with Atomic, Exodus, Guarda, and Jaxx. All of these have native iPhone betting apps and Android apps to facilitate quick mobile Super Bowl betting, and they all allow you to have sole custody of your Ethereum keys.

For investors, hardware wallets – i.e. Ledger and Trezor USB products – are the best choice, but for active gamblers, these add extra steps to both deposits and payouts.

We do not suggest using Ethereum paper wallets for online sports gambling.

Is Ethereum a good investment for Super Bowl bettors?

We believe so.

Sports bettors – even those who only really get active during Super Bowl season and place Super Bowl prop bets for fun – always want the best bang for their buck.

If you want to increase your winnings beyond just your payout amounts, holding your ETH withdrawals in ETH as investments is a sound option.

Ethereum price predictions suggest that the ETH value will hit $10,000+ by 2025, with the ETH price shooting up to $50,000 or more by 2030.

That means that by the time Tom Brady retires, you could be a millionaire!

Do Super Bowl betting sites accept Ethereum 2.0?

Yes, but not yet.

ETH 2.0 has not rolled out as of Q3 2021, but when it does, all the top Super Bowl sports gambling operators will support it.

Remember, Ethereum 2.0 is not a different cryptocurrency from Ethereum. Instead, it is simply the popular name for ETH’s new and more economical Proof-of-Stake (PoS).

Are there other Super Bowl betting cryptos like Ethereum?

While Ethereum is the world's number-two crypto coin, it has some drawbacks compared to more modern coins. For one, it's the most expensive crypto to use due to very high ETH "gas fees." For another, Ethereum is the slowest crypto blockchain platform.

A few sites support similar cryptocurrencies to Ethereum such as Cardano SB deposits and Solana SB deposits, which are basically much faster, cheaper versions of Ether.