Legal Super Bowl Betting With PayPal

For years, bettors have wanted a way to legally use PayPal to fund their online sportsbook accounts. Unfortunately, this has never been possible to do directly. However, it is still possible to enjoy Super Bowl betting with PayPal deposits, provided you use an online sports betting site that supports vouchers or player transfers as part of its Super Bowl sportsbook funding options.

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Super Bowl sportsbooks that allow for the use of member-to-member sportsbook vouchers and player transfers match up their customers with one another to let them to privately buy and sell account balances using P2P instant-pay services like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, and other platforms. While a few extra steps are involved, it’s fast and easy to use PayPal for betting on the Super Bowl, and our short guide will get you in the game ASAP.

Use PayPal To Buy Super Bowl Sports Betting Vouchers!

Bovada super bowl betting

At most sportsbooks, PayPal and online gambling don’t mix. Sports betting sites that use PayPal directly simply aren’t available to US players. But at Bovada, PayPal sports betting is possible thanks to the site’s use of sportsbook voucher codes and player transfers.

This makes Bovada one of the best Super Bowl PayPal betting sites, and it further solidifies Bovada’s reputation as America’s top online sportsbook for Super Bowl odds.

Of course, at Bovada, you won’t only have access to Super Bowl bets. For season-long NFL betting online, PayPal can be used to get your account ready for kickoff each Sunday, and you can also employ the Bovada Voucher and Bovada Player Transfer options to fund all your other sports betting on any of the dozens of markets supported by the site.

While it’s tough to find online sports betting sites that accept PayPal, Bovada – as usual – has stepped up their game, found a way, and raised the bar. That might be bad for placekickers when the Super Bowl’s on the line, but it’s absolutely great for bettors!

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Using PayPal To Fund Online Super Bowl Betting

For US residents, there are no Super Bowl betting sites that accept PayPal, nor are there any PayPal gambling sites in general. This is because PayPal doesn’t allow online bet funding at legal online sportsbooks that operate outside of the United States.

However, the best sites in the business have clever workarounds that allow their members to make deposits and claim payouts using the popular PayPal service. These are called vouchers or player transfers, and they’re used to let site members buy portions of the account balances of other members to use for funding their own gambling wallets.

Conversely, the members selling these transfers or voucher codes can use this system to effectively receive same-day PayPal payouts (which was previously reserved only for Bitcoin betting and other cryptocurrencies).

The processes for depositing and withdrawing at legal Super Bowl betting sites using PayPal through the voucher/transfer system are explained in the next section.

Deposits And Withdrawals Using PayPal

Because there are no betting sites that use PayPal directly, in order to take advantage of this popular P2P bet funding method, you’ll need to use a reputable online Super Bowl oddsmaker that supports vouchers or player transfers.

Vouchers and transfers are effectively the same thing, and they work the same way for both deposits and payouts, allowing you to make any online betting PayPal deposit or withdrawal at your convenience, while helping out fellow bettors at the same time.

After all, if we can’t come together with our fellow man over the Super Bowl, that’s basically the end of civilization as we know it!

PayPal Sportsbook Vouchers

One of the methods to facilitate PayPal betting on the Super Bowl is to use a sportsbook voucher. For buyers, sportsbook vouchers can be found posted in ads on their betting sites’ Community pages. Simply find a betting voucher code for sale, contact the buyer through your site’s messaging portal, and set up the deal using PayPal.

Because these are private transactions, there are no added PayPal fees (unless you use a credit card through PayPal, which may come with processing charges of 3% or so).

Once you send your money to the seller, your sportsbook voucher code will be released to you via your site-linked email address, and you can deposit the code. The funds will be credited instantly, and you’ll even be eligible for valuable Super Bowl bonus free plays.

For sellers, the process simply requires the posting of the voucher ad. Then, when a buyer contacts you, you’ll be paid through PayPal (or another P2P instant-pay service, at your discretion), and you’ll effectively receive same-day payouts for selling that portion of your eligible betting bankroll!

PayPal Player Transfers

Another way to take advantage of PayPal gambling at the best online Super Bowl betting sites is to use the player transfer option. Not all sites call these “player transfers,” but they all work the same way.

In effect, transfers of this kind are identical to the voucher system outlined above, allowing buyers and sellers to contact one another, negotiate the P2P service to be used (in this case, PayPal), and complete the transaction quickly, safely, and securely.

The only thing to remember is that player transfers, like vouchers, are private sales (which is why PayPal can be used, as there are no overseas betting companies that use PayPal directly for USA players). This means that you must trust your seller.

Transfers and vouchers can be sold anywhere on the Internet (i.e. Reddit, Facebook, etc.), but we recommend only going through your Super Bowl sportsbook’s Community portal. This way, the sales are more secure and totally guaranteed for both buyers and sellers.

How To Claim Super Bowl Sportsbook Payouts With PayPal

For online sports betting, PayPal withdrawals using the voucher or player transfer system are an effective way to claim same-day withdrawals with no added fees. This is done by using the processes outlined above.

However, there is a caveat: You won’t always be able to claim same-day payouts via these Super Bowl betting banking methods. PayPal withdrawals require a buyer to contact you, and you may not find a buyer the very first day you post the ad for your transfer or gambling voucher code.

If you want to get guaranteed same-day withdrawals, you will have to use Bitcoin or another supported cryptocurrency, as your online sportsbook can typically deliver your crypto betting payouts in just a few minutes.

To post a transfer or voucher code for sale, the process is simple:

  • Visit the Super Bowl gambling site Cashier page
  • Select the Player Transfer or Voucher option
  • Enter the amount of money you wish to withdraw
  • Receive a code in your site-linked email
  • Post an ad for a voucher/transfer sale on your site’s Community boards (or Reddit, Facebook, etc.)
  • Add a note to the ad that you prefer to be paid using PayPal
  • Receive the payment from your buyer
  • Email the buyer your voucher or player transfer code

After that, you will have your money accessible directly in your account or PayPal app, and you’ll be free to use it immediately in any way you wish. You can even send that money from PayPal directly into any linked bank account quickly, easily, and for free.

Bovada users can take advantage of their Matchpay deposit and withdrawal options that allow users to easily fund their accounts with P2P services such as PayPal.

How To Bet On The Super Bowl With PayPal

Though there are no USA-friendly online betting sites with PayPal deposit options directly, if you follow the above instructions, you can use PayPal effectively and safely to manage your online betting funds, whether you’re making deposits or withdrawals.

Because of the voucher and transfer system, you don’t actually need betting companies that use PayPal as such. It’s enough that individual buyers and sellers use the P2P service.

So, once you’ve followed the above instructions to make a deposit for betting on the best Super Bowl odds at the most reputable online betting sites, actually placing your Super Bowl bets couldn’t be easier: Simply visit your online sportsbook, click or tap on the NFL or Super Bowl section, and browse the boards.

Now’s the hard part: picking your wagers! Because the Super Bowl is so popular among sports bettors worldwide, the sheer number of Super Bowl prop bets, Super Bowl lines, Super Bowl futures, and other associated wagers is absolutely bananas.

There are literally hundreds of wagers available for the big game, and they can get pretty granular. Basically, any conceivable outcome is on the table, and with in-game Super Bowl betting (or live Super Bowl betting), the number of possible wagers climbs into the thousands. Mix in Super Bowl parlays, and the number of NFL wagers grows exponentially!

PayPal Super Bowl Ad

The following PayPal Super Bowl commercial aired in 2016, promoting electronic financial transfers over physical, paper money exchanges. This PayPal Super Bowl spot cost the vendor roughly $10 million.

FAQs For Super Bowl Betting With PayPal

Is PayPal safe to use for online Super Bowl betting?

Yes! If you use PayPal to fund your online Super Bowl betting using the voucher or player transfer method, such transactions are perfectly safe. PayPal is a trusted brand that’s been around for years.

Then, if you go through your site’s Community portal to buy vouchers and transfers, you’re doubly protected (as your sportsbook acts as moderator for the sales).

Does PayPal charge a fee?

For private PayPal betting transactions using vouchers/transfers, PayPal does not charge a fee.

However, if you use a credit card to purchase betting vouchers or player transfers through PayPal, you may incur a small surcharge of roughly 3%.

Why don’t online Super Bowl betting sites accept PayPal directly?

PayPal corporate policies prevent the company from knowingly processing online gambling transactions directly to international Super Bowl betting sites and other online gambling outlets based outside the US.

As a result, such transfers are blocked by PayPal restrictions.

This is why the voucher and player transfer system is employed by the best online betting sites with Super Bowl odds.

Can you pay for Super Bowl Squares online with PayPal?

Typically, no.

Super Bowl Squares are akin to NCAA March Madness brackets, and they usually operate in a sort of legal gray area, as there is no legislation that has determined whether or not they actually constitute gambling by definition.

As a result, PayPal has opted to abstain from facilitating Super Bowl Squares operated by domestic USA entities.

That said, if your favorite online sportsbook offers Super Bowl Squares, you can use the voucher or player transfer method to fund your gambling with PayPal.

Can you place a Super Bowl bet with PayPal money?

Yes, but not directly. You can only take advantage of PayPal bet funding at legal offshore Super Bowl betting sites that support the voucher and player transfer systems.  

How does PayPal work for betting on the Super Bowl?

You can use PayPal to buy portions of fellow bettors’ gaming balances at several leading Super Bowl betting sites that support gambling vouchers or player transfers.

You cannot, however, use PayPal to send money directly to your online sportsbook.

How long does a PayPal refund take at online betting sites?

When it comes to PayPal refunds, there are a few hoops to jump through, and it can take between two days and two weeks to get repaid for erroneous purchases made via the platform.

That said, because using PayPal for sports wagering requires you to make private transactions with private individuals, the best course is to ensure that you trust the seller by only selecting voucher codes or transfer codes hosted by your sportsbook.

Can I buy Bitcoin with PayPal?

Some bettors may want to use Bitcoin to fund their accounts when gambling on Super Bowl odds online, and many of them would like to use PayPal to purchase BTC.

Unfortunately, though PayPal does allow you to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you cannot yet trade that crypto or send it out of your PayPal app or PayPal account after purchasing it.

While this may change in the future, for now, PayPal is not a good option for buying Bitcoin to use for online sports betting.

Can I bet on PayPal Super Bowl commercials?

Most years, you’ll usually see a PayPal Super Bowl ad, and yes, you can actually bet on these!

All the best NFL Super Bowl sports betting sites have tons of prop bets on Super Bowl commercials, as these are a phenomenon unto themselves.

And because all companies tend to disclose their Super Bowl ad buys in advance to build hype, your sportsbook will always know exactly which brands to offer lines on.

So in effect, you can use PayPal to fund your bets on PayPal Super Bowl commercials. How’s that for meta?

What is the PayPal Super Bowl commercial song?

PayPal often includes popular songs in their Super Bowl commercials, but the most famous and searched tune was “Confident” by Demi Lovato in the PayPal Super Bowl spot “There’s a New Money in Town.”

This ad aired during the 2016 NFL championship game, so it’ll be interesting to see whether or not PayPal can produce another hit for the 2022-23 Super Bowl.

Disclaimer: This page about how to use PayPal to bet on the Super Bowl is for informational purposes only. PayPal does not endorse this site, any online sportsbook, or any type of gambling entertainment.