Super Bowl 53 Preview

Super Bowl 53 is still several months away but based on preseason we can make an educated decision on what teams are likely to make the playoffs for the 2018-2019 season. It should come as no surprise that Tom Brady and his Patriots are the top pick among online sportsbooks to make another Super Bowl appearance. The Patriots have added a few key players and have everyone healthy going into the 2018 season. If they can stay healthy they are sure to make the playoffs and possibly another Super Bowl. Lookout for the Steelers, Titans, and the Jaguars as they look for redemption.

The Eagles are also favored going into 2018 but that should be no surprise since they won it all last year at Super Bowl 52. The Eagles will have a harder road to a repeat as the NFC has some amazing young talent and several teams that could pose match-up problems. The LA Rams, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, and the Atlanta Falcons all have the talent to win the NFC.

The road to Super Bowl 53 is sure to be a good one as the teams battle it out week to week on the field. Online sportsbooks are already offering future betting lines on Super Bowl 53 with lines leaning towards another New England vs. Philadelphia match-up. Our experts think a rematch is unlikely as both teams barely squeaked by in last years playoff round. There is not a single dominate NFL team, the Patriots are the closest team to dominating the league but they have been known to slip from time to time. Super Bowl 53 will take place at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta Georgia on Feb. 3rd, 2019.

Preseason Odds For Super Bowl 53

NFL Team Current Money Line Odds To Win The Super Bowl
New England Patriots   +700
Los Angeles Rams   +850
Philadelphia Eagles   +1000
Pittsburgh Steelers   +1000
Minnesota Vikings   +1200
Green Bay Packers   +1200

Super Bowl 52 Review

In Super Bowl 52 we saw the Philadelphia Eagles take on the defending champions the New England Patriots. The Patriots were favored to win by online sportsbooks and many fans were reluctant to bet on the Eagles since they were rolling with their backup quarterback Nick Foles.

The game started close but by the end of the first quarter, the Eagles had shown they came to play with a 40-yard touchdown bomb to put them on top 9-3. Brady came back with a bomb of his own but was unable to get the ball in the end zone.

The second quarter looked promising for the Patriots until Brady dropped a wide-open pass that could have resulted in a big play. The Eagles would get the ball back and put on another touchdown in a matter of minutes extending their lead to 15-3. Brady would take the ball into field goal position on their next drive.

On the following drive, the Eagles got greedy and decided to throw another bomb to Alshon Jeffery. Jeffery was open but juggled the ball into the hands of a Patriot defender. Brady would then march his team down for a touchdown making the score 15-12 (Eagles).

With only a minute or two left before half Foles made a big play that put his team into scoring position before time expired on the half. The drive would end with Nick Foles catching a receiving touchdown on a fake sweep pass play that netted the Eagles another 6 points. It was the same play that Brady dropped earlier in the game, this play would be important as it ultimately sealed their fate.

After the half, the Patriots came out with a 22-12 deficit but Brady was looking to even the score. After one quick pass to Gronk the score was 22-19 with the momentum seeming to shift towards the Patriots, however, Foles played like he had nothing to lose and quickly came back with another touchdown pass to extend the Eagles lead to 29-19.

Brady quickly came out and put another touchdown on the board making the game 29-26 (Eagles) before the end of the 3rd quarter.

With 9 minutes left in the 4th quarter and after another Eagles field goal, Brady would throw another touchdown pass and give his team the lead 33-32. The Eagles would come out and take the ball right down the field for another touchdown. It seemed like neither team really had a defense that could contain each other’s explosive offense. After a failed 2-point attempt the Eagles had the lead 38-33.

Almost immediately when the Patriots got the ball and Brady had the field to go to win the game with 2 minutes on the clock, Brady was stripped of the ball. The Eagles recovered and kicked a field goal to make the score 41-33 with only a minute left in the game. Brady came back and had time to throw a bomb, but ultimately the Patriots lost the game and the Eagles won their first Super Bowl in franchise history.