Legal Super Bowl 56 Commercial Prop Bets

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Because so many eyes are drawn to the Super Bowl each February, corporations use the venue to debut their new commercials using techniques designed to grab the most attention possible. Super Bowl commercial prop bets are a hot commodity at SB betting sites because the interest in these ads is almost as high as the interest in the game. 

Each 30 second advertisement during Super Bowl 56 will cost in excess of $5 million, and allows bettors a chance to get in on the action even before National Anthem prop bets, half-time props, MVP props, or Coin toss props are cash in.  Read on to learn more about how fun Super Bowl commercial prop bets can be, where they can be bet on, and what types of SB prop bets are offered.

Top Legal Sportsbooks With Prop Bets For Super Bowl Commercials

Site LinkBonus OfferRatingUSA
BovadaReview50% Max $2505 Star RatingUSA Accepted
MyBookieReview50% Max $1,0005 Star RatingUSA Accepted
Xbet Review100% Max $5004.5 Star RatingUSA Accepted
BetonlineReview50% Max $1,0004.5 Star RatingUSA Accepted
SportsBetting50% Max $1,0004.5 Star RatingUSA Accepted

How To Legally Bet On Super Bowl 56 Commercial Props 2021

Before you can lay some action on the commercial prop bets that are offered for Super Bowl 56, you will need to register with one of the top legal Super Bowl betting sites that we recommend above. Just click on the join button on the home page of any the links we’ve provided above and you’ll be directed to page where you can make your first deposit into your online bankroll.

The banking options for depositing funds will be plentiful, but we can’t recommend betting with Bitcoin enough due to the increased bonus offers and additional encryption tech included. If you are looking for the fastest paying Super Bowl sportsbooks, then be sure to limit your betting site options to the above books.

Once you’ve registered and submitted your deposit, make your way to the sportsbook section of the website and locate the football tab. Upon arrival, either an NFL or Super Bowl tab will reveal the glut of prop bets available for which Super Bowl commercial will play first, and much more.

Commercial Prop Bets For Super Bowl LVI

There is no limit to the type of Super Bowl commercial props that can be offered, but a majority of them will ask which advertisement will appear first while pairing up competing brands. Bettors need to keep their thinking cap on for these SB commercial props because an ad airing first does not necessarily indicate that it was shown in a superior spot.

The most premium advertising time during the Super Bowl is just before and after the game begins, the breaks surrounding the two-minute-warnings, and the breaks just before halftime and surrounding the end of the game’s festivities.

Just because Ford’s ad ran before Chevy doesn’t mean their ad received more traction with viewers. It simply means it was shown first, regardless of how successful or more widely seen Chevy’s ad may have been. Don’t let personal preferences guide your wager. Do your homework and win big.

Here are a few commercial prop bet examples from prior Super Bowls.

Which Super Bowl Commercial Will Air First?

  • Ford -120
  • Chevy EVEN

Which Super Bowl Commercial Will Air First?

  • McDonalds -110
  • Subway -110

The enormous price tag on Super Bowl commercial time inspires networks to fit in as many ads as possible during the broadcast of the big game. Regardless of the companies that participate in the Super Bowl commercial madness, there is always a prop bet asking how many total commercials will air over the course of the evening.

Over the past 20 years, the amount of total Super Bowl ads has fluctuated between 83 and 104 commercials. Most of these Super Bowl commercials are 30 seconds long but some are as long as one minute. The ratio of 30 vs. 60-second commercials impacts the number of total ads that can be included during the broadcast.

You may have also noticed that a majority of these Super Bowl LVI commercial prop bets feature nearly the same money line odds for each outcome, indicating that these bets can go either way. They feature near 50/50 odds and are mostly for entertainment, just like SB coin toss prop bets.

Best Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

Super Bowl XXIX (1995) – Budweiser “Frogs”

Super Bowl XIV (1980) – Coca Cola “Mean” Joe Green Commercial

Super Bowl XXVII (1993) – McDonalds: “The Showdown” between Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird

Super Bowl XVIII (1984) – Apple Computers introduces the Macintosh (Dir. By Ridley Scott)

How Many Commercials Have Aired During The Super Bowl Each Year?

  • Super Bowl 55 – 70
  • Super Bowl 54 – 77
  • Super Bowl 53 – 91
  • Super Bowl 52 – 86
  • Super Bowl 51 – 102
  • Super Bowl 50 – 96
  • Super Bowl 49 – 82
  • Super Bowl 48 – 83
  • Super Bowl 47 – 97
  • Super Bowl 46 – 78
  • Super Bowl 45 – 96
  • Super Bowl 44 -104
  • Super Bowl 43 – 84
  • Super Bowl 42 – 84
  • Super Bowl 41 – 92
  • Super Bowl 40 – 92
  • Super Bowl 39 – 76
  • Super Bowl 38 – 88
  • Super Bowl 37 – 83