2021-22 Super Bowl Prop Bets

During the NFL’s regular season, the point spread, money line, and over/under receive most of the action. When it comes to the Super Bowl, prop bets take center stage, representing a large bulk of the revenue that is accepted at the top online NFL sportsbooks.

The reason for that is the unusual amount of casual bettors that want to place a wager on the Super Bowl each year, and prop bets for the big game are much less intimidating to new gamblers when choosing which Super Bowl betting odds to lay action on.

We know you’re itching to place a wager on a Super Bowl 56 prop bet, and there are some on the boards right now, but the majority of them will not appear at online sportsbooks until both teams have been determined following the AFC and NFC Championship Games.

That leaves a full two weeks for oddsmakers to come up with prop bets to offer on the Super Bowl. Below, we describe several of the types of proposition bets that are offered by international sportsbook sites taking in action on the Super Bowl.

Sportsbooks With The Best Super Bowl Prop Bets

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Types Of Super Bowl 56 Prop Bets

Because prop bets can cover anything that happens while the game is on television, there is no limit to what proposition bets on the Super Bowl will involve. Below are some examples of the Super Bowl prop bet categories that receive the most action each year.

NFL Prop Bets: National Anthem

One of the first opportunities to place a bet on the Super Bowl each year is during the performance of the Star Spangled Banner before the game begins. Super Bowl National Anthem prop bets can include length of performance, color of attire, flubbed lyrics, and anything else involving the singer and the duration of time that they are on screen.

Super Bowl Prop Bets: Coin Toss

Immediately following the National Anthem is the coin toss which determines the team that will receive the opening kickoff. Super Bowl coin toss prop bets are usually the first proposition odds to appear at sportsbook sites, with betting available for heads, tails, which team wins, and whether the team that won the coin toss will win the Lombardi Trophy.

Super Bowl Halftime Prop Bets

Halftime prop bets for the Super Bowl involve the musical performance that takes up a majority of the mid-game break. The biggest stars of the music industry take to the field to offer up a medley of their greatest hits, and prop bets can be made on everything from which special guest musicians will show up, to what song will be performed first in the setlist.

Super Bowl Commercial Prop Bets

Most years, the first line to receive any action are the prop bets for Super Bowl commercials. Because of the astronomical cost involved with Super Bowl advertising time, companies put their best foot forward and try to create the top ad of the night while also boosting their revenue.

These Super Bowl commercials tend to go for attention-grabbing techniques, and if you want to grab a piece of the winnings, you can wager on which order the ads will appear in, commercial length, or the content of the television spot.

Super Bowl MVP Prop Bets

Super Bowl MVP prop bets for each year’s game feature pretty much any player who has the potential to impact the game on all sides of the ball. Quarterbacks win the Most Valuable Player award most often in the Super Bowl, but when a non-QB nabs the SB MVP trophy, the odds provide for lucrative payouts. These lines are featured in the same manner as Super Bowl futures odds.

Super Bowl Player Props

Just like with any regular season or NFL Playoff game, there’ll be loads of prop bets based on the statistical totals for a given player, including total yards, touchdowns, interceptions, turnovers, tackles, sacks, etc. Groupings of players can also be combined together in a betting line that asks for wagers to be placed on who will finish atop a stat category between them.

There are also several lines for team-based prop bets that ask bettors to decide similar statistical totals for each Super Bowl team.

Super Bowl Team Props

Just like betting on player props, Super Bowl team props offer another way to bet on the action. With team props, you can bet on total touchdowns, yards, receptions, turnovers, and more.

Fun Super Bowl Prop Bets

Oddsmakers are always trying to come up with the most fun prop bets for the Super Bowl because they will attract action from casual viewers who simply want to lay some action on the game and do not feel like getting involved in complicated odds.

We see new types of prop bets each year, with some recent additions being betting on the Puppy Bowl, who the winning head coach will thank first in his post-game speech, whether the game announcers will mention their catchphrase, the color of the liquid that will be poured on the winning coach, and more.

Prop Builders and Parlays

In addition to the different prop betting options, Prop Building tools are now available at many online sportsbooks. Prop builders allow bettors to create their own props and wage on the odds produced by the builder.

You can also use prop builders to create parlays on multiple games or events. Of course, parlays are available without the prop builder, but with the prop builder, parlays are more customizable.