2020 Results For Super Bowl 54 Prop Bets

The Super Bowl 53 matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots was played on Feb. 3, and the Patriots won the game by a final score of 13-3. In addition to the betting line, which can be found on our Super Bowl preview page, oddsmakers put out a ton of prop bets for the game and the results can be found below.

For those who are unfamiliar, a “proposition bet” which is also referred to as a “prop,  novelty, side, and special” bet is one where money is placed on the odds of whether something will or won’t occur during the game but is not directly related to the game’s outcome.

And no sporting event in the United States sees more action on prop bets than the Super Bowl each year—and by a considerable margin. In fact, prop specials on the Super Bowl are so “prop-ular” (no pun intended) that we often see sportsbooks compete with one another to see which one can offer the most “out-of-this-world” prop specials to bettors around on the biggest NFL game of the year.

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For the Super Bowl 54 prop bets, Bovada Sportsbook was the first to offer odds on numerous prop bets, and below you can find the results from all the proposition wagers that were available for the biggest game of 2020.

Super Bowl 54 prop bets won’t be available until the matchup is announced but we will update the information below as soon as they are available.

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2019 LIII Super Bowl Props

Pregame Prop Results

Coin Toss: Tails
Correct Call on Coin Toss: No
Win the Toss, Win the Game? No
O/U 1:50 Length of National Anthem: Push
Gladys Knight: Dress or Skirt? Dress
Gladys Knight Omit Anthem Word? No
Any Player Kneel During Anthem? No
QB Shown First During Anthem? Goff
Coach Shown First During Anthem? Neither

Game Prop Results

Super Bowl MVP: Julian Edelman
Player to Score 1st TD: Sony Michel
Gatorade Color Poured on Winning Coach: Blue
Super Bowl MVP Mention First in His Speech: None

Broadcast Prop Results

O/U 7.5 Tony Romo Predictions: Under
“Romostradamus” Said During Broadcast? No
Belichick Referred To As “Genius”? No
Fan Run On Field During Game? No
Brady Shown Cursing During Broadcast? Yes
Bon Jovi Shown During the Broadcast? No
Any Player Kneel During Anthem? No
O/U 1.5 Gisele Bundchen Shown During Broadcast? Over

Halftime Prop Results

Opening Song of Halftime Show: “Harder to Breathe”
Adam Levine Wearing a Hat at Start of Halftime? No
Adam Levine’s Shirt Color: Black
O/U 7.5 Total Songs Performed at Halftime: Over
Will Big Boi and Adam Levine Perform Mic Jack at Halftime? No
Will Christina Aguilera Make an Appearance at Halftime? No
Will Maroon 5 Perform “Sweet Victory” at Halftime? No

Commercial Prop Results

O/U 96 Commercials Shown During Super Bowl: Under
Color of First Doritos Commercial Bag: Red
Which Beer Commercial Shown First? Bud Light
Which Chip Commercial Will Appear First? Doritos
Which Car Commercial Will Appear First? Audi
Avocados/Planters Commercial Appears First? Avocados