Bitcoin Super Bowl Betting

Being the NFL’s biggest game each year, tens of millions of US bettors are gearing up to put some money on the Super Bowl. Usually, that’s easy enough, but sometimes a declined credit or debit card stands between you and a profitable Super Bowl betting line. Whenever that happens, however, there’s an easy, guaranteed alternative for getting your legal sportsbook account topped off in a hurry: Bitcoin (BTC).

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Because Super Bowl Bitcoin betting is so popular, it has become the fastest-growing way to bet on Super Bowl odds. In fact, cryptocurrency has been in such heavy demand over the last few years that you shouldn’t be surprised to see a Bitcoin Super Bowl commercial during the big game. Of course, by that time, you should already be well-versed in the stuff – provided you read our brief Bitcoin guide below!

Bovada Sportsbook - The Best Super Bowl Bitcoin Betting Site

Bovada super bowl betting

For American bettors looking for the best site for Super Bowl betting, Bovada is the obvious first choice. It’s also one of the first online sportsbooks to allow Bitcoin sports betting, as the brand started accepting the cryptocurrency several years ago.

Super Bowl Signup Bonus: Zelle depositors can take advantage of multiple bonus offers, including their popular Welcome Bonus, and because Zelle is technically a Bitcoin deposit, you can actually get enhanced bonuses for even more free money.

Deposit Methods: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Zelle, Litecoin, Ethereum, USDT, MatchPay, and Sportsbook Vouchers

Best Bitcoin Super Bowl Betting Sites For 2023 - 2024 Use BTC At The Top Football Betting Sites

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50% Max $1,000
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125% Max $3,125
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50% Max $1,000
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100% Max $500
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SB Sports
100% Max $500
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Why Bitcoin Is Better Than Other Banking Methods

There are several advantages to betting on the Super Bowl with BTC instead of funding
your account via other deposit methods. These Bitcoin benefits include the

  • Transfers take just a few minutes
  • Transfers are guaranteed to go through
  • Only same-day payout option at Super Bowl betting sites
  • No deposit fees
  • No withdrawal fees
  • Valuable Bitcoin bonuses

Please bear in mind that to get same-day Super Bowl payouts from offshore betting sites via BTC, you must first deposit in BTC. In short, making a Bitcoin Super Bowl wager is the quickest and least expensive way to make money betting on the biggest football game of the year.

How To Get Bitcoin

There are a couple of ways to acquire BTC, but the method you choose will depend on how much lead time you have. If you’re going to buy Bitcoin several weeks out from Super Bowl Sunday, you can use a site like Coinbase to purchase your BTC. This process can take up to 10 days. Instead, many new crypto users are turning to crypto exchanges like LocalBitcoins and to make buying and sending cryptocurrency much faster.

Zelle to Bitcoin Instant Deposits & Withdrawals

However, if the big game is only a few days away and you want to wager ASAP, you can use an instant transfer service called Zelle to buy BTC from The Zelle-to-Bitcoin process takes only a few minutes, saving you valuable time when compared to buying Bitcoin at commercial exchanges and allowing you to prioritize your best Super Bowl bets.  You can click the link above to learn more. There are also many other sportsbook deposit methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Cash app deposits that are available depending on which site you play.

How To Place A Bitcoin Super Bowl Bet

When it comes to how to bet on the Super Bowl with Bitcoin, the process is identical to using any other form of currency after you have your account loaded up. However, to get your account funded with BTC requires a few extra steps (see above).

Once you’ve got your Bitcoin, most major online betting sites will walk you through the deposit process. This involves receiving your sportsbook’s BTC wallet address and transferring the requisite funds from your own Bitcoin wallet.

After the transfer completes, your account’s balance will be converted to USD, and you’ll then be able to wager on Super Bowl futures, props, and game lines as normal.

How To Withdraw In Bitcoin

The process to claim your Super Bowl payouts in BTC is the same as claiming them via any other method, only it’s much faster. While most withdrawal options take several days to a week to clear, BTC payouts can show up in your wallet within just a few hours, making sites that accept Bitcoin some of the fastest paying Super Bowl betting sites online.

To request a Bitcoin payout, simply visit your site’s cashier, select the BTC option, enter the amount you wish to withdraw, and provide your Bitcoin wallet address. The cashier will then send the funds to that address with no fees attached. It’s really that simple!

Bitcoin Super Bowl Ad

In 2022, Coinbase created a Super Bowl commercial that featured a QR code bouncing around the screen while it changed colors. The ad was for Coinbase but is largely referred to as a Bitcoin commercial. Super Bowl ads for that year cost $233,000 per second of airtime.

Super Bowl Bitcoin Betting FAQs

Can I use Bitcoin for all Super Bowl bets?

Yes! Bitcoin can be used for any SB wager you wish to place. In fact, you aren’t limited to NFL or football betting, either. Bitcoin sports betting is the new gold standard in the industry, and you can use the cryptocurrency to wager on any line your sportsbook publishes, regardless of the games, players, or sports in question.  

Are there different betting limits for Super Bowl prop bets when using Bitcoin?

No. While Bitcoin deposit limits are usually higher than those of most other funding methods, the actual betting limit on each individual Super Bowl spread, straight, or prop bet is going to be the same no matter how you fund your account.

Do all Super Bowl Betting Apps Take Bitcoin?

When you’re browsing your book’s Super Bowl prop bets sheet, you’ll see tons of different lines across different books. That’s why it’s so important to shop lines to find the best values. However, all offshore betting sites share one thing in common: Bitcoin support.

That said, the only US sportsbooks that currently accept Bitcoin are those located overseas. Offshore books universally take BTC, but local domestic US betting sites do not. Thus, if you use a Super Bowl betting app from a US-based vendor, you will not be able to bet with Bitcoin.

Can I bet on the Super Bowl without Bitcoin?

Absolutely! Bitcoin offers a great new way to bet on sports, but it isn’t for everyone. That’s why all the top offshore Super Bowl sportsbooks also accept credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, international gift cards, money orders, bank wires, and other funding methods. Bitcoin is the best banking option for offshore betting, but it is far from the only one.

Do legal sports betting sites offer other fun gambling games for Super Bowl action?

There are usually no special Super Bowl gambling games offered by offshore sportsbooks, as the hundreds of pre-game lines and props take up most of the gambling public’s attention. Add in hundreds more live Super Bowl bets, and there’s very little room for most books to offer much more.

That said, some books will run NFL Playoff promotions akin to the March Madness brackets you’d see for the basketball market, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Why does the BTC price change so much every day?

The BTC to USD conversion rate is constantly in flux due to the free-trade nature of Bitcoin itself. In financial terms, BTC is incredibly volatile (though historically in an upward direction). This means that $100 worth of Bitcoin today might be valued at $120 tomorrow, or vice versa. In this way, BTC is itself a small gamble, though it has been a solid investment over the last decade.

Pro-tip: You can maximize your Super Bowl bankroll by buying BTC when the price is low and depositing it when the price is high!

Is it cheaper to mine Bitcoin or buy it at an exchange?

Bitcoin mining, early on in the crypto’s developmental cycle, was an efficient way to acquire the digital currency. However, with the mass adoption that has occurred, it no longer makes financial sense for the average person to mine Bitcoin themselves. Plus, there’s a steep learning curve for how to mine Bitcoin, and most sports bettors are busy enough crunching numbers already.

Today, it is much cheaper (and easier!) to buy BTC on the open market. It’s also much faster, meaning that you can get those Super Bowl prop bets in while the getting’s good!

Do Super Bowl betting sites accept other kinds of cryptocurrency?

While Bitcoin is the most commonly accepted crypto, it isn’t the only one. Most offshore sportsbooks will take a selection of altcoins in addition to Bitcoin. Sportsbooks will often accept Bitcoin Cash Super Bowl deposits, Litecoin Super Bowl deposits, Ethereum Super Bowl deposits, and more.

Cardano Super Bowl deposits and Solana Super Bowl deposits are the latest banking additions at several top sites, and both are great options. Be sure to check your sportsbook’s cashier page to see what kinds of crypto banking options they currently support.