Litecoin Super Bowl Betting

Litecoin Super Bowl Betting

Litecoin is one of the few online betting cryptocurrencies accepted by all major NFL sportsbooks, and it’s the fastest and least expensive of the bunch. As such, Litecoin Super Bowl betting is what we recommend for most new online gamblers looking to top off their accounts with cryptocurrency. Using Litecoin (ticker symbol LTC) to bet on the NFL championship lets you make rapid deposits, claim the best bonuses, and receive same-day payouts.

While other crypto Super Bowl deposit and payout options give you all the same general benefits as LTC gambling, Litecoin’s advantages compared to the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Bitcoin Cash are that it takes at least half the time to deposit and withdraw, while native Litecoin fees are comparatively tiny. When you bet on the Super Bowl with Litecoin, you can bet more and win more. It’s that simple!


Bovada – Bet With Litecoin At This Heavyweight Super Bowl Sportsbook


Bovada Tom Brady

Bovada is considered by many to be the best Super Bowl betting site for US players. With the venue’s dedication to NFL action and Super Bowl futures and props, you can bet on the big game practically year-round. The Bovada custom prop builder tool takes things even further, giving you thousands of different Super Bowl bets to choose from.

If you want practically unlimited Super Bowl odds and cross-sports Super Bowl parlays, Bovada has you – and the lines – covered. And for on-the-go gamblers, Bovada Mobile is tailor-made to fit all makes and models of smartphones and tablets, all with no geofencing. Bet on Super Bowl lines from anywhere in America with Bovada Sportsbook!

Super Bowl Signup Bonus: 75% Litecoin Gambling Bonus Up To $750

Deposit Methods: Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Visa, Mastercard, Bovada Voucher, Bovada MatchPay

Bet Super Bowl 56 At Bovada Sportsbook


Best Litecoin Sportsbook For Betting On Super Bowl Odds

Site Link Bonus Offer Rating USA
BovadaReview 50% Max $1,000 5 Star Rating USA Accepted
BetUSReview 125% Max $3,125 5 Star Rating USA Accepted
MyBookieReview 100% Max $1,000 5 Star Rating USA Accepted
Xbet Review 100% Max $500 4.5 Star Rating USA Accepted
BetonlineReview 50% Max $1,000 4.5 Star Rating USA Accepted
SportsBetting Review 50% Max $1,000 4.5 Star Rating USA Accepted

Why Betting On The Super Bowl With Litecoin Is A Touchdown Every Time

Litecoin is like the Tom Brady of Super Bowl cryptocurrencies: It’s accepted at every major online sportsbook, so it’s always in the mix; it’s the most efficient of the top betting cryptos, so you get more bang for your buck, and it’s the fastest of the major cryptos, so it’s right at home running the two-minute drill.

Depending on your needs, LTC may not be the best option every time, but at most sites – and for most online sports bettors – it’s the most stable coin this side of stable coins.

In total, these are the main Litecoin benefits when using the crypto coin to bet on the 2021-2022 Super Bowl and beyond:

  • Launched in October 2011, Litecoin is one of the oldest and most trusted crypto currency options in the industry. With crypto, “tried and true” is a real rarity, and only the top coins qualify.
  • Litecoin is the fastest commonly accepted Super Bowl crypto betting option, with transfers taking just 5-10 minutes. For comparison, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash transfers take 30-60 minutes, while Ethereum transfers take 45-90 minutes.
  • Litecoin is the cheapest crypto option supported by all the top betting sites. LTC transactions cost just a few cents, while Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash transfers can cost up to 10% of your deposit or withdrawal. Meanwhile, Ethereum “gas fees” can eat up 2X to 3X that!
  • Litecoin deposits are 100% guaranteed to go through, as the US UIGEA law cannot interfere with crypto transactions.
  • Litecoin Super Bowl bonuses are the biggest sportsbook promos going. Get 2-3X more free bets with LTC – all with the same low rollover rates.
  • The Litecoin blockchain is quantum-hacking-resistant, giving you added security and added peace of mind when betting online with legal offshore sportsbook sites.
  • The Litecoin price is reasonably stable and doesn’t fluctuate as much as other coins in the top 25 cryptos.
  • Litecoin is a solid investment-grade crypto asset. The Litecoin price prediction for 2025 is around $500, while Litecoin price estimates for 2030 put the LTC value at $1200-$1500.

How To Bet On Super Bowl 56 With Litecoin

If you want to know how to bet on the Super Bowl with Litecoin, the good news is that it’s extremely easy. The other good news is that there’s really no bad news!

As long as you’re comfortable with the idea of buying, trading, and using cryptocurrency, betting with LTC is as simple as it gets. The first step, of course, is that you actually have to buy Litecoin. To do that, you’ll need to join a trustworthy online crypto exchange.

Our only advice here is that you should buy your LTC when the Litecoin price is trading below its weekly or monthly average. (This same tip applies to buying any crypto, not just LTC.) So if you want to bet on the Super Bowl with Bitcoin or Ethereum or any other coin, buy low.

Or, at least, as low as you reasonably can. After all, you definitely don’t want to run out the play clock waiting to take the snap!

How To Buy Litecoin Cryptocurrency

So, to buy LTC, you’ll need to use a crypto exchange. For that, you have lots of options (see the next section). Regardless of the Litecoin exchange you join, though, the process to buy LTC and get it sent to your online Super Bowl betting site is basically identical across the board.

Here’s all you need to do to buy Litecoin crypto coins:

  1. Sign up with any reputable online crypto exchange and enter in all required information. Crypto exchanges in the US use KYC (Know Your Customer) standards for regulatory compliance, so you’ll have to upload a government-issued ID and give them your social security number. All top US crypto exchanges are safe, and this process is the same as opening any bank account.
  2. Link your bank account, debit card, or credit card. Most exchanges do not let you buy crypto with credit, but some do. We recommend using debit or your bank account, however. You should never gamble on credit.
  3. Navigate to your exchange’s crypto menu and find the listing for Litecoin. LTC is a top 25 crypto coin, so you won’t have to look too far.
  4. Choose the “Buy” option and purchase as much LTC as you’d like.
  5. Once your Litecoin is credited to your account, you’ll see it in your exchange LTC wallet.

For first-time crypto buyers or exchange members, there’s usually a 5-10-day waiting period before you can send your Litecoin off-platform to a legal Super Bowl betting site (or any other external Litecoin wallet address).

Usually, you can actively trade LTC on-platform during this time, but sports bettors will have to factor in the necessary waiting period. Don’t wait until the night before the big game to buy crypto for Super Bowl betting!

Where To Buy Litecoin Cryptocurrency

The next issue facing new Litecoin users (aka Litecoin hodlers, in crypto parlance) is deciding where to actually get ahold of the stuff.

Because Litecoin is such a popular and established crypto coin, though, that part’s easy: Literally every major crypto exchange lets you buy and trade Litecoin, so you can choose the one that has the best interface, fee structures, and/or UX for your needs.

We find that Coinbase/Coinbase Pro is the best option for most users, but we’ve also had good luck with Bittrex and Kraken. Binance US is good, but it’s still unavailable in some states as of Q1 2022. Nevertheless, we’ve used each of the following US-based exchanges and have no complaints with any of them:

  • Binance US
  • Bittrex
  • Coinbase
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Kraken
  • + More

While you can buy Litecoin with PayPal, it’s not currently possible to bet on the Super Bowl with PayPal via LTC. The same is true for Venmo Super Bowl betting. These P2P apps do not let their users send Litecoin – or any other crypto coin – off-platform.

Note: You can use PayPal, Venmo, and other P2P apps/e-Wallets to bet on the Super Bowl at Bovada using sports betting vouchers or the third-party Bovada MatchPay service.

Where To Buy Litecoin Fast

We mentioned that you can only really buy Litecoin crypto from exchanges if you have 5-10 days to wait. While this is only true for first-time crypto users, if you’re reading this LTC Super Bowl betting guide, you’re almost certainly a first-time crypto user.

If there’s just a few days to go before kickoff and you really want to bet with LTC to take advantage of the enhanced Super Bowl bonuses and other crypto perks your site offers, you still have options:

  • Atomic Wallet Store – Download Atomic Wallet for iPhone or Android and buy Litecoin using your credit card. Verification takes seconds, and you can send your LTC to any Litecoin wallet address – like that used by your favorite Super Bowl sportsbook!
  • Coinify Store – Use Coinify to buy Litecoin with your regular credit card. You must have a LTC wallet to receive your Litecoins from Coinify. Note: Coinify is not available in all US states.
  • Cash App – Cash App is the only P2P app that lets you buy crypto to send off-platform, but Cash App only supports Bitcoin. To buy Litecoin with Cash App quickly, first buy BTC with CashApp, send it to an exchange, and then trade it for LTC with which to bet online.
  • Zelle Pay – Zelle doesn’t let you buy crypto directly, but it does let you buy Bitcoin privately via the LocalBitcoins exchange. After using Zelle to buy Bitcoin, send your BTC to a regular exchange, trade it for LTC, and deposit.

How To Place Super Bowl Bets With LTC

To place bets at any Litecoin Super Bowl betting site, there’s no real mystery to the process. In fact, once you deposit LTC into your gambling account, the wagering process is the same as betting “regular” money (i.e. USD).

Of course, you’ll actually want to familiarize yourself with the kinds of Super Bowl bets available to you, and you’ll want to do your due diligence by researching as much as you can before placing those bets.

Even wacky lines like Super Bowl coin toss odds, Super Bowl National Anthem odds, and various performance-based Super Bowl Halftime Show odds are actually based on empirical data that you can use to your advantage. Heck, you can even effectively “research” Super Bowl commercial bets if you have a good idea of current pop culture trends!

Of course, doing your research goes without saying. More importantly – for our purposes – is that you join a legitimate betting site where you can put that research to good use and win real money.

To do that, do this:

  1. Follow any link here to sign up with a legal online Super Bowl betting site.
  2. Enter in all required personal information, using only your real name, email address, etc. Most sites require members to provide proof of ID in order to collect online gambling payouts.
  3. Choose the Litecoin deposit option from the cryptocurrency menu and copy down your site’s “Litecoin sending address.” You can also choose an optional online Super Bowl bonus at this time (recommended).
  4. In your LTC wallet or LTC exchange account, select the “Send” option and paste in the above Litecoin address.
  5. Enter in the Litecoin amount you wish to deposit and submit the form. Funds will be credited to your Super Bowl betting balance within 5-10 minutes.

Because Litecoin is so efficient, you don’t have to wait a long time for your LTC deposit to go through. Litecoin gambling deposits take just a few minutes in most cases, and the associated Litecoin fees (charged by the crypto network itself, not your sportsbook site) are very low compared to other popular betting cryptos.

The only other gambling cryptos with such fast times and low fees are Cardano (ADA), Ripple (XRP), Solana (SOL), and Stellar (XLM). However, these coins aren’t accepted at all Super Bowl sportsbooks, while Litecoin is. Advantage: LTC!

How To Claim Litecoin Super Bowl Payouts

A bet isn’t a bet if you can’t get paid when you win. As such, it’s important that the Super Bowl gambling operator you choose pays winners out in full, every time.

It’s also important the site has a reputation for delivering its payouts ASAP, doesn’t nickel and dime you with added fees, and resolves all potential issues in a timely fashion.

Litecoin support, of course, means you’ll get all of the above, as it’s the fastest and least expensive commonly accepted betting crypto coin out there. Here’s how to claim your Super Bowl betting payouts:

  1. Visit your Super Bowl gambling site’s cashier page and choose the Litecoin option from the crypto withdrawal menu.
  2. Open your LTC wallet or LTC exchange account and choose the “Receive” option.
  3. Copy your unique “Litecoin receiving address.”
  4. Back at your SuperBowl betting site, paste the above LTC address into the appropriate field, enter in the amount of your eligible account balance you’d like to pull out, and submit your ticket.
  5. Once your Super Bowl withdrawal is approved, you’ll receive your LTC within 5-10 minutes on average.

In most cases, Litecoin Super Bowl withdrawals are approved automatically. However, if you’ve hit a homerun with some longshot Super Bowl prop bet (so to speak), particularly large payouts may require manual approval.

In such cases, you may have to wait 1-2 hours to receive your winnings. Still, LTC withdrawals are always rated as same-day payouts at the fastest paying online Super Bowl betting sites.

Litecoin Super Bowl Betting Bonuses

The final piece of the puzzle when it comes to betting on Super Bowl action is that the site you choose gives you extra incentives to do so. These come in the form of Super Bowl gambling bonuses. Every major operator offers these to new and returning members regardless of deposit method used.

However, if you deposit with Litecoin, your gambling site awards you with even more sports betting free plays. Traditional banking deposits (i.e. check, money order, bank wire, etc.) do come with bonuses, too, but LTC deposits – and other crypto deposits – come with promos that add 2-3X more money to your account than these standard perks offer.

Best of all, this increase in free bets usually comes with the same low rollover rates you’ll get with standard deposit bonuses, making it even easier to cash in and cash out. While LTC Super Bowl bonuses are 100% optional, we generally recommend them for all bettors.