Prop Builders At Legal Super Bowl Betting Sites

Once the pregame festivities have concluded and Super Bowl Sunday has arrived, in-play live betting odds for wagering on the big game take over the action at online NFL sportsbooks. Legally betting on live Super Bowl odds is convenient and advantageous for a number of reasons which are delved into below.

Legal Super Bowl betting on live odds gets started when the broadcast begins, and includes prop bets, the point spread, and more. Of course, live NFL odds need a legitimate venue to host them, so we’ve included our top books that have been earned a place among our list of best Super Bowl betting site reviews.

Best Sportsbooks Offering Super Bowl Prop Builders Bet On SB 58 At These Trusted Sportsbooks

Site Link & ReviewBonusRatingUSA
50% Max $1,000
5 Star RatingUSA Flag With Checkmark
125% Max $3,125
4.5 Star RatingUSA Flag With Checkmark
50% Max $1,000
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100% Max $1,000
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100% Max $500
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SB Sports
100% Max $500
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What Is A Super Bowl Prop Bet Builder Tool?

A phenomenon that our staff first noticed in 2021, custom prop builders are tools that are available at the sportsbooks that are included in our online NFL sports betting reviews that allow for Super Bowl LVIII prop parlay wagers to be tailored to the gambler’s preference.

As bettors customize the SB props, the odds will fluctuate. As more propositions are added to the parlay, the odds increase dramatically, which results in astronomical payouts if all elements of the combination bet hit.

Read on to learn about the Super Bowl prop builders offered at the world’s top legal SB betting sites below.

The following online sports betting sites are among the best in the business and are featured in our list of sportsbook reviews. We recommend joining up with each NFL betting site that we endorse as it allows Super Bowl 58 gamblers to take advantage of the prop builders across the board.

Bovada Prop Builder For The 2024 Super Bowl

Bovada Sportsbook routinely offers up the best Super Bowl prop bets each February, and their prop builder is a game-changer in the realm of customized prop betting on NFL games.

Just click on Bovada’s prop builder button inside of their online sportsbook and users will be presented with an expansive command console for customizing Super Bowl prop parlays.

Both team and player props are available via Bovada’s prop builder feature, and customers simply need to select from the hundreds of variations that are already pre-rendered and awaiting action.

The top Super Bowl prop bets created by the builder tool will be featured in Bovada’s sportsbook under the #whatsyawager section to allow other members in on the same action. Read our Bovada review for more detail as to why they are a #1 rated sportsbook.

Bovada prop builder

BetOnline Prop Builder For Super Bowl 2024

Another big-time online sports betting site that has made our list of top Super Bowl LVIII sportsbooks is BetOnline. The prop builder at BetOnline functions nearly identically to Bovada’s, with preordained SB props ready for the wagering.

Upon entering the prop builder section at BetOnline, Super Bowl propositions will be presented for ease of selection by customers that are hungry for NFL gambling.

As additional NFL props are added to BetOnline’s Super Bowl parlay calculator, the odds and payouts rise and can deliver large cash totals if all wagers succeed.

MyBookie Prop Builder

Prop betting at MyBookie is a great option with their customizable pro football prop builder tool that changes the way gamblers think about parlays and their potential payouts.

When selecting the Prop Builder tab at MyBookie, entrance is granted to an app-like control deck with options for player and team Super Bowl props for statistical performances.

MyBookie Sportsbook also includes a section titled “Odds Boost” that features pre-made NFL special bets that offers moneyline odds on a variety of in-game occurrences.

Xbet Prop Builder

The SB prop builder app at Xbet NFL Sportsbook offers similar functions to other books for creating Super Bowl parlays.

Quick and convenient Superbowl props can be amassed for high NFL betting payouts with relatively low stakes, all pulled together in a handy online football propositions builder.

Xbet also continues to feature their “Odds Boost” section inside of their online sportsbook section, which allows members to bet on ready-made Super Bowl proposition parlays for player or team performance.

Offshore sports betting sites are able to offer their services in the USA because there are no laws in place to stop them. The online sportsbooks that we link to on this page are operating from within a regulated, international jurisdiction that does not fall under the governance of the United States.

Because of that scenario, these web-based overseas sportsbook sites are able to accept action on prop bets for the Super Bowl including team props, player props, and more.

Super Bowl Prop Bet Types Available At Prop Builders

While there is no shortage of Super Bowl prop bet types that can and will be offered when the AFC and NFC Champions face off at the end of the NFL Playoffs, the options included in each sportsbook's prop builder is limited to team and player performance at this time.

That doesn’t mean that the prop builders cannot expand to include more frivolous props in the future, such as bets for the halftime show, SB commercials, and more. In fact, we’d be surprised if they aren’t included in the prop builders for SB 58.

Mobile Prop Bet Builders For Super Bowl 58

If betting on the Super Bowl with mobile devices is already on your radar, there’s no reason not to take advantage of the SB prop builders offered by our top online sports betting sites here at LSBB. Every single option that is included on the desktop version of the sports betting sites we endorse is ported to the mobile sportsbook version.

The reason is that these web apps are not your typically downloadable application is because they are accessed using mobile browsers using modern Apple and Android devices and tablets (iPhone, iPad, Samsung).

The only disadvantage of opting for a mobile prop builder is that the screen size is typically much smaller than using a PC or laptop, but that deficit is more than made up for by the push-button technology that these NFL sportsbook apps.

How Do You Use A Prop Builder At A Superbowl Betting Site?

Browsing NFL sports betting sites does not require a membership, but before you can make any build prop tweaks on Super Bowl 58 odds, one must sign up as an account holder and deposit funds into an online bankroll.

  1. Locate the join or signup icon at the top of the homepage of the legal online sportsbook
  2. Enter pertinent account data to populate your sportsbook membership profile
  3. Fund your betting account. USD options are available, but we advise making sportsbook deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies for the fastest and most secure transactions.
  4. Locate the sportsbook section, and after entering, click on the prop builder tab to combine prop bets into profitable NFL parlays

SB Prop Builders vs. Super Bowl Prop Bets

The major difference between placing a wager on Super Bowl prop bets and using a prop building app at an online sportsbook is convenience.

When browsing Superbowl props online, the odds can eat up a lot of real estate, taking several minutes to scroll through everything the NFL sportsbook has to offer.

Super Bowl prop builders have all of those odds, and more, concentrated into a singular app with push-button controls to adjust the odds. Prop bet parlays are at your fingertips with builders, whereas standard propositions will take some time to sort through the Super Bowl lines and put together a combination wager.

To learn more about betting on props and how to maximize your earnings see our guide to Super Bowl betting tips for further information.