How To Bet On The Puppy Bowl - 2024 Puppy Bowl Betting Odds

Several online sportsbooks are gearing up for Super Bowl 58 betting action, but have you considered placing a bet on the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl 20?  As this event has become more and more popular over the last few years, these four-legged football players have now garnered the attention of the oddsmakers and several premium sportsbooks.

Team Ruff and Team Fluff are getting prepared for Puppy Bowl XX, and online sportsbooks are taking wagers on the big game.  You can find out more about how to bet on the Puppy Bowl by reading through this guide and visiting one of our recommended sportsbooks that are currently offering betting lines.

Puppy Bowl XX - Fluff vs. Ruff

legally betting on the puppy bowl 2023



  • Team Fluff -120
  • Team Ruff -120


  • Team Fluff Scores 1st -120
  • Team Ruff Scores 1st -120


  • MVP Name Starts with A - J -120
  • MVP Name Starts with K - Z -120

Odds via Bovada

Yes, it is legal to bet on the Puppy Bowl via an offshore sportsbook or, if available, a local, state-regulated sportsbook that is offering betting lines on the event. There are no US federal gambling laws that prohibit anyone from placing bets online at offshore sportsbooks.

Washington has passed legislation barring all forms of online gambling, and while the prohibition is not currently enforced, residents are still betting at their own risk should they choose to register and place bets at one of the online sportsbooks listed on this page. WA is the only state with a restriction of this type.

Best Puppy Bowl Betting Sites For 2024 Bet On The Puppy Bowl At These Trusted Sportsbooks

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How To Bet On Puppy Bowl 20

If you are not already a member of one of our recommended online NFL sportsbooks, then joining is easy. Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be laying down bets in no time:

  1. Create a profile: this will include a login, password, and the entry of other personal data such as your name, address, DOB, etc.
  2. Fund your account: once you have your profile set up, you will need to add funds to your account.  Funds can be added to your account with a debit or credit card, cryptocurrency, or various other methods. **Helpful hint: using cryptocurrency is the fastest, most secure deposit method option and sets you up for same-day payouts. If you don't already hold any crypto and don't want to wait 5-10 days to buy in at commercial exchanges, the Zelle-to-Bitcoin option allows you to instantly purchase Bitcoin (via with no waiting periods. Other supported cryptos we recommend are Cardano Super Bowl deposits, Ethereum Super Bowl deposits, Solana Super Bowl deposits, Litecoin Super Bowl betting deposits, among others.
  3. Claim your bonus!!! Be sure to browse the bonus opportunities.  Most online sportsbooks will offer a welcome bonus that will match a portion of your initial deposit, increasing the amount of funds that you have available in your account to bet with.
  4. Place your bet: Bovada has the Puppy Bowl betting lines listed under Super Bowl Specials.  Once you’ve navigated to the appropriate betting line, select the line(s) you want to bet on and complete your bet slip.  You’ll instantly see how much you stand to win with the wager you choose.

Now that you’ve placed your bets, you can relax and enjoy Puppy Bowl XX and wait for the outcome.

Puppy Bowl Betting Odds

Yes, there are odds on the outcome of the Puppy Bowl, and yes, there is a game spread.  While betting on the Puppy Bowl may be a new niche within the Super Bowl props betting market, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the momentum continue to build for this fun and super adorable betting option.

Puppy Bowl Prop Bets

If you don't feel like betting on the outcome of the game, there are several Super Bowl prop bets available to make the Puppy Bowl more interesting.  While there have yet to be prop bets added to the board for Puppy Bowl 20, here are a few of the lines from last year's event:

  • Age of MVP (Most Valuable Puppy):  Over 17.5 Weeks +135  Under 17.5 Weeks -175
  • First letter of the name of the MVP: A-J
    -120  K-Z -120
  • Gender of MVP:
    Male -130  Female -110
  • Will Michael Vick tweet about the Puppy
    Bowl?  Yes +1400  No -10000
  • Will a puppy attempt to mate?  Yes +350  No -600
  • Will the MVP be pure bread or mixed breed?  Pure Bred +600  Mixed Breed -1200

Puppy Bowl Betting Apps

Wagers on Puppy Bowl odds can be made from anywhere in the country with an Internet connection using smartphones and tablets in the exact same manner that mobile sportsbook apps occur. Any of the offshore Puppy Bowl betting sites that are listed on this page can be pulled up on Apple or Android devices just by clicking on the links we've provided using your onboard web browser.

The latest lines for betting on the Puppy Bowl can be pulled up without downloading any software and behave just like an app from the Google Play or Apple App Stores, complete with touch-button navigation.

The entire Super Bowl sportsbook desktop site is ported iPads, iPhones, and Android betting options across the entire United States, so gamblers aren't missing out on any Puppy Bowl odds just because they're on the go.

How To Watch The Puppy Bowl

Puppy Bowl 20 will air on Animal Planet on Sunday, February 11th, and begins at 3 pm.  You can also view the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet’s website, but you must sign in using your TV provider credentials.

What Is The Puppy Bowl?

The Puppy Bowl is a game played between two teams made up of puppies and is played on Super Bowl Sunday. Its primary intent is to be an alternative viewing option for the Super Bowl and to raise awareness regarding the adoption of sheltered pets.  The game is filmed over several days, usually in October, and is edited together to resemble an actual athletic competition between the two teams of puppies.

Each puppy participating in the Puppy Bowl is from a shelter is made available for adoption upon the conclusion of the game.

You can view the starting puppy bowl lineup of each team via Animal Planet's website.  While there, you can have a look at Animal Planet Puppy Bowl trading cards.  You can either browse available cards or create your own and enter to win sweepstakes, where you can win a $1000 donation to be directed towards an animal shelter of your choice.

You can also see who won the Puppy Bowl in previous years. The Puppy Bowl Lineup 2024 is sure to serve up excitement and make this one of the most competitive Animal Planet Puppy Bowls yet. 

The game lasts around 2 hours and features a Kitty Half-Time Show where adoptable kittens scratch a scratching post near midfield for several minutes.

Unfortunately, due to the advance filming of the Puppy Bowl, the puppies were all adopted months before the airing of the game.  The Puppy Bowl event is designed to raise awareness and to encourage animal adoption.