Super Bowl Player Prop Bets 2021-22

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The oldest known Super Bowl prop bets involved the performance of a player – William “the Refrigerator” Perry of the Chicago Bears in 1985. The wager asked whether the massive defensive tackle would score a touchdown, and when he did, the popularity of Super Bowl player prop bets exploded at NFL sportsbooks around the globe.

Read on to learn about what the best NFL player props are at legal Super Bowl 56 betting sites and which online sportsbooks offer them to gamblers in the United States. We also cover the variety of NFL player prop bets and what kind of Super Bowl odds are offered for each.

Best Sportsbooks For Super Bowl Player Props

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MyBookieReview50% Max $1,0005 Star RatingUSA Accepted
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What Are NFL Player Props For Super Bowl 56?

NFL prop bets, or proposition wagers, for player performance in the Super Bowl involve odds for a variety of statistical outcomes.

Some Super Bowl player props will ask a performance question and then provide a list of players to choose from. Super Bowl odds will be posted next to each SB players name in the form of an NFL moneyline, which will indicate their chances of achieving the designated outcome.

Other player prop bets for the Super Bowl will simply ask how much of a particular statistical category an athlete will amass, posting an over/under and tempting NFL gamblers to wager above or below the line.

Super Bowl futures technically qualify as SB props, and thus MVP odds and other football lines that include large lists of players and their stat lines or performance are in play.

Best Player Props For Super Bowl 56

When looking for odds involving a player performance Super Bowl prop, stats such as yardage, touchdown totals, receptions, and more are available at our top online NFL sportsbook sites.

There’s no shortage to what sportsbooks offer in regard to player performance Super Bowl prop bets. First touchdown scorers are often a popular option for wagering, but there are totals for all potential Super Bowl stat categories.

Some player props for Super Bowl performance involve totals, and will offer an over/under for betting on yards, touchdowns, interceptions, catches, field goals, and any other significant stat that a player can achieve.

Other NFL Super Bowl player prop bets will include a list of athletes and as gamblers to select the one that will achieve the proposition in question, from first touchdown scored, to rushing yardage leaders, and anything else occurring during the big game. 

Some of the best Super Bowl prop bet categories include the following NFL bet types:

First Player To Score

Many Super Bowl prop bets involve timing that allows for action to take place toward the beginning of the game, such as National Anthem betting, and coin toss props. Unless the game is a low-scoring dud, typically, a touchdown is scored within the first quarter of play.

This prompts first player to earn a touchdown prop bets to populate the boards at the top sportsbooks featured in our list of Super Bowl betting site reviews, and the cash rewards can become astronomical if successful wagers are placed on the first SB TD being scored by player that doesn’t produce often. 

Super Bowl Prop Bets For Quarterbacks

Since SB QBs touch the ball on every snap, they are involved in most scoring related prop bets for the Super Bowl, from passing yardage totals, TDs, interceptions, and of course, MVP odds due to their frequency for bagging the Most Valuable Player honors.

One fun Super Bowl prop bet that receives more action each year than it should is the rushing totals for quarterbacks, because they often have very low thresholds to achieve to earn a win, and it can all be earned on a single play.

Rushing Yards & Touchdowns

Although NFL teams don’t run the ball to the degree that they have in past decades, running back’s still serve to dictate the pace of most pro football games. Outside of the QB, the main RB will handle the ball the most, granting them the opportunity for yards, touchdowns, and most importantly, the ability to impact the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl player props for running backs include most rushing yards, odds for which RB gets the most touchdowns, most attempts, as can also include potential for turnovers and penalties.

Super Bowl Player Prop Bets For Receiving Stats

Wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs are in play for receiving prop bets for Super Bowl performance, and there are hundreds posted for the final game of the NFL postseason each year at online sports betting sites.

Although it doesn’t happen often, wide receivers have won the Super Bowl MVP trophy in the past, and they are featured in the odds as well as TEs. The most common NFL prop bets for Super Bowl players includes yardage and TD totals, but we’ve also seen head-to-head propositions that compare WRs and TEs from opposing teams.

Field Goals

Super Bowl field goal props offer up NFL odds for a variety of kicking options. The most popular kicking wager for the Super Bowl are the longest field goal prop bets that provide yardage parameters for each team’s kicker.

Super Bowl field goal props can also ask NFL bettors which kicker will win the game, win the MVP award, whether or not a FG will be missed by either team, total FGs and PATs made, and anything else oddsmakers can dream up.

Current Player Prop Bets: Super Bowl 56

There are no player props on the boards at Super Bowl betting sites save for the MVP futures that are offered year-round. Once both AFC and NFC Champions have been determined, the best Super Bowl player props will hit the boards, and will be posted here shortly after. In addition to player props, you can also bet on Super Bowl team stats.

Is It Legal To Bet On Super Bowl Player Props?

Yes. Both domestic and offshore NFL sports betting sites can legally offer Super Bowl prop bets for player performances. While many states have yet to regulate domestic sports betting, the offshore Super Bowl sportsbooks we link to on this page service the entire United States between them.

International NFL betting sites are able to accept wagers over the web from US gamblers because there are no laws on the books in the United States that prohibit them from doing so. For more information, visit our Super Bowl gambling laws page.

Mobile Sportsbooks Offering Super Bowl Player Prop Bets

Each of the online Super Bowl betting sites featured in the table above port the entirety of their sportsbook services to iPhones, iPads, and Android-powered devices without requiring a download.

All that is needed to access the top Super Bowl betting apps an on-board mobile browser (Opera, Safari, Firefox, Google/Chrome) on a popular smartphone or tablet and the entirety of Super Bowl player prop bets, 2022 or otherwise, are a push-button touch away.

Top Super Bowl Player Performances Of All Time

  • Most MVPs: 5, Tom Brady (New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
  • Most Passing Yards (Game): 505, Tom Brady (New England Patriots, LII)
  • Most Passing Yards (Career): 3,039, Tom Brady (New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
  • Longest Pass Completion: 85, Jake Delhomme (Carolina Panthers, XXXVIII)
  • Most Passing Touchdowns (Game): 6, Steve Young (San Francisco 49ers, XXIX)
  • Most Passing Touchdowns (Career): 21Tom Brady (New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
  • Most Interceptions Thrown (Game): 5, Rich Gannon (Oakland Raiders, XXXVII)
  • Most Interceptions Thrown (Career): 8, John Elway (Denver Broncos)
  • Most Rushing Yards (Game): 204, Timmy Smith (Washington Redskins, XXI)
  • Most Rushing Yards (Career): 454, Franco Harris (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Longest Rushing Attempt: 75, Willie Parker (Pittsburgh Steelers, XL)
  • Most Rushing Attempts (Game): 38, John Riggins (Washington Redskins, XVII)
  • Most Rushing Attempts (Career): 101, Franco Harris (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Most Rushing Touchdowns (Game): 3,Terrell Davis (Denver Broncos, XXXII)
  • Most Rushing Touchdowns (Career): 5, Emmitt Smith (Dallas Cowboys)
  • Most Receptions (Game): 14, James White (New England Patriots, LI)
  • Most Receptions (Career): 33, Jerry Rice (San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders)
  • Most Receiving Yards (Game): 215, Jerry Rice (San Francisco 49ers, XXIII)
  • Most Receiving Yards (Career): 589, Jerry Rice (San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders)
  • Longest Reception: 85, Muhsin Muhammad (Carolina Panthers, XXXVIII)
  • Most Receiving Touchdowns (Game): 3, Jerry Rice (San Francisco 49ers, XXIX and XXIV)
  • Most Receiving Touchdowns (Career): 8, Jerry Rice (San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders)
  • Most Sacks (Game): 4, L.C. Greenwood (Pittsburgh Steelers, X)
  • Most Sacks (Career): 5, L.C. Greenwood (Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Most Interceptions (Game): 3, Rod Martin (Oakland Raiders, VX) *also tied for career high