Legal Over Under Super Bowl Betting


No matter the sport, if a betting line is created, there will almost always be an over/under included. With the final game on the NFL schedule bringing in the most wagering interest than any other each year, legal over under betting on the Super Bowl is likely the most gambled upon total.

Continue reading this guide to learn about legal Super Bowl betting on the over under at the world's best online sportsbooks. We explain how to make NFL over/under picks for the game and how winning bets work.

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What Is The Over Under For The Super Bowl?

An over under will be the numbers in any standard NFL betting line's third column of Super Bowl odds. The over under is the number of points that NFL oddsmakers have set as the total that both teams will combine to score.

Here is an example of a betting line for the game with the over/under in bold.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Point Spread: KC -3.0, TB +3.0
  • Moneyline: KC -180, TB +150
  • Over/Under: 58.0

Betting The Super Bowl Over

Using the above NFL game line, betting on the Super Bowl over means laying some action on the total combined points being 59 or more. Winning NFL over bets will happen when both teams combine for 59+ points, with wagers resulting in a push if the total is 58 exactly. Combined scores of 57 or below will be losers if betting the over.

Betting The Super Bowl Under

Betting on the under for the Super Bowl means wagering on both teams to score 57 or fewer total points using the above SB line. Combined scores of 57 or less will result in wins if betting the Super Bowl under and will push if the total equals 58. NFL under bets will be losers if the total points reach 59 or higher.

What If There Is A Half-Point?

If a half point is offered for an over/under for the Super Bowl game – for example, 48.5 - that reduces the total variance from two points to one and removes the element of a push, as there is no decimal scoring in the NFL.

All over under bets on half-point totals are either winners or losers. Totals of 49 or higher are winners, and 48 or lower are losers, on over under odds of 48.5.

Super Bowl National Anthem Over Unders

One of the most popular Super Bowl prop bets on the boards each year involves the amount of time the pregame rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner will be. The National Anthem Super Bowl over under time usually hovers around the 2:00 minute mark but can be longer or shorter depending on the artist.

Gamblers enjoy wagering on National Anthem props because they are some of the first to cash in during the game, with final outcomes rendered prior to kickoff.

Is It Legal To Bet On NFL Over Unders?

Yes. The NFL is the most popular betting sport in the United States, and this game is the most gambled-on event of the year. Any state with a domestic sportsbook will feature NFL betting and Super Bowl odds, including the over under.

The same can be said for offshore sportsbook sites that allow betting on the over or under from any state in the country. No federal or state laws prevent internationally-based online sportsbooks from accepting US gamblers over the web and allowing them to wager on NFL over unders.

Best Super Bowl LVIII Betting Apps

Super Bowl totals can be gambled on using iPhone sportsbooks, iPads, and other popular smartphones and tablets from inside the USA using any sportsbook we mention within this guide. Just click on any of them using your Apple or Android device, and the latest iPhone and Android Super Bowl odds and NFL over unders will populate screens.

These SB betting mobile apps operate just like a downloadable gambling application, but no download is needed because they are web-based and can be accessed using mobile browsers like Opera, Safari, and others.

The betting odds, SB betting lines, Super Bowl props, and over unders featured at the desktop version of the NFL sportsbook are also available on their corresponding mobile applications so members can wager when they want and where they want.

Super Bowl Over Under FAQs