Bitcoin Cash Super Bowl Betting Sites

The NFL Super Bowl is the height of the betting season. Indeed, the game sees more cash betting than any other sporting event in the world, which means it sees more Bitcoin Cash betting than any other sporting event, too. Bitcoin Cash Super Bowl betting is a quick, easy way to enjoy the biggest game on Earth, and using this sportsbook banking method allows you to deposit more, wager more, and win more.

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Of course, if you’ve never used Bitcoin Cash (stock symbol BCH) before, there are a few steps to go through before you can legally bet on the Super Bowl with the stuff. Luckily, with our guide, you’ll be up and rushing on a short snap count. Remember, when you bet on the NFL championship game with Bitcoin Cash, you can cash in – and cash out! – quicker and more securely than ever.

Bovada Sportsbook - The Best Bitcoin Super Bowl Betting Site For 2024

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Bovada Sportsbook has been the go-to online betting site for US Super Bowl bettors since 2011, and that’s not going to change any time soon. It’s basically the Tom Brady of legal online sportsbooks.

With over 1000 different Super Bowl prop bets for the big game – plus limitless other wagers available via the Bovada Prop Builder tool – members will never run out of fun wagers to make. From Super Bowl futures and coin toss bets to National Anthem odds and Super Bowl Halftime props, Bovada has all the action you could ask for.

On the banking side, Bovada supports Bitcoin Cash and several other popular cryptocurrencies, giving bettors an easy, legal end-run around the pesky UIGEA while making deposits and payouts safer than ever. Sign up to bet on the 2024 Super Bowl at Bovada today, and you can even get up to $750 in bonus free plays when loading up your account with BCH crypto coins!

  • Super Bowl Signup Bonus: 75% Sports Welcome Bonus Up To $750 (5X rollover)
  • Deposit Methods: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Zelle, Visa, MasterCard, and Sportsbook Vouchers

Best Bitcoin Cash Super Bowl Betting Sites For 2024 - 2025 Use Crypto At The Top Football Betting Sites

Site Link & ReviewBonusRatingUSA
50% Max $1,000
5 Star RatingUSA Flag With Checkmark
125% Max $3,125
4.5 Star RatingUSA Flag With Checkmark
50% Max $1,000
4.5 Star RatingUSA Flag With Checkmark
100% Max $1,000
4.5 Star RatingUSA Flag With Checkmark
100% Max $500
4.5 Star RatingUSA Flag With Checkmark
SB Sports
100% Max $500
4.5 Star RatingUSA Flag With Checkmark

Why You Should Bet On The Super Bowl With Bitcoin Cash

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No matter what online bet funding option you use, online sports betting is a good idea when you go with the best-reviewed Super Bowl betting sites. However, when you choose to handle all your bet funding with Bitcoin Cash (BCH), it’s a great idea!

With Bitcoin Cash, you’ll get far more benefits than regular deposit methods offer, including enhanced bonuses and same-day payouts. And since betting is all about maximizing your bottom line, BCH betting is the best edge you can get.

The following perks are just some of the benefits you’ll receive when you use Bitcoin Cash to bet on the Super Bowl:

  • Bitcoin Cash deposits cannot be intercepted by the federal UIGEA banking regulation. If you don’t want your deposit to fall through the cracks, you can avoid costly fumbles and timeouts by using BCH instead of typical credit, debit, check, and bank wire deposits. Don’t risk a penalty on your first snap!
  • Bitcoin Cash bonuses allow you to get the best possible Super Bowl sportsbook promos. While typical deposit methods come with decent bonuses, crypto deposits often give your double or even triple the amount of free plays with the same low rollover rates.
  • Bitcoin Cash payouts are delivered the same day you request them from your site cashier. Non-crypto Super Bowl betting withdrawal options can take 5-10 days for your money to show up stateside. With BCH transfers, you can get same-day payouts guaranteed, and all the fastest-payout online sportsbooks support BCH for this reason. Plus, there are no added fees!
  • Bitcoin Cash is a reliable investment-grade crypto asset with longevity in the market. When you bet with Bitcoin Cash, you’re also betting on Bitcoin Cash. Launched in 2017 and rated as a top-25 crypto currency ever since, BCH is one of the best bets you can make – and not just on the Super Bowl!

How To Bet On The Super Bowl With Bitcoin Cash

First things first, you’ve got to buy some Bitcoin Cash. The “how” and “where” for doing this are outlined in the following sections, but there are a couple of Super Bowl betting tips to keep in mind before you buy BCH.

Number one, if you’ve never bought crypto before, here’s the rule: Buy when the price of the coin in question is trending at a weekly or monthly low. It doesn’t have to be the lowest low, but it should be below its recent average. Don’t shoot for the absolute bottom, either. Save your energy for researching those Super Bowl betting lines, instead. (Our Super Bowl 2024 preview might offer some help there.)

Number two, you should move your BCH off the major exchanges after you buy in and are allowed to make off-platform transfers. You should always move your crypto into private crypto wallets where you retain sole custody of your keys.

If you plan to day trade Bitcoin Cash on the exchanges, of course, you’ll need to leave your BCH there. However, for all other uses – including legal online Super Bowl betting – it’s best to keep your Bitcoin Cash in a private wallet.

Where To Buy Bitcoin Cash Crypto

Unlike some popular sports betting cryptos – particularly Ripple XRP – it’s very easy to find a Bitcoin Cash exchange in the USA, as all the major commercial cryptocurrency sites support the asset. In fact, we can’t think of a single crypto exchange that doesn’t support BCH buying, selling, and trading.

As of June 2024, these are our favorite current online crypto exchanges for buying not only Bitcoin Cash but just about every other gambling crypto out there:

  • Binance US
  • Bittrex
  • Coinbase
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Kraken
  • + More

If you want to bypass these exchanges’ lengthy wait times to bet ASAP, you can do that in a number of different ways, though some are clearly better than other.

On one hand, you can use Zelle to buy Bitcoin or use Cash App to buy Bitcoin and then trade that Bitcoin for BCH. Of course, that means extra steps are involved.

On the other hand, you can opt to use Atomic Wallet, features its own crypto store. Atomic Wallet lets you buy Bitcoin Cash using your credit card. Atomic Wallet Bitcoin Cash transactions are rapid, there’s no waiting period, and your crypto is delivered directly to your Atomic Wallet app for secure storage. This really simplifies your options for using crypto to place Super Bowl bets on your iPhone or use Android betting apps to bet on the Super Bowl.

The final option is to buy Bitcoin Cash with Coinify, which is a crypto storefront available to residents of 33 US states. This isn’t the best solution, but it is a viable, quick option.

How To Place Online Super Bowl Bets With Bitcoin Cash

Betting with Bitcoin Cash at any legitimate online Super Bowl sportsbook is as simple as using any other deposit method. Again, the only real difficulty is that new online gamblers have to get their hands on some BCH coins before they can make their deposits and start betting on the Super Bowl.

The instructions for doing that are outlined above, and once you actually hodl Bitcoin Cash, here’s how you can get your online sports gambling account topped off in a hurry:

  1. Follow any link here to a legitimate online sportsbook specializing in the best Super Bowl odds.
  2. Sign up by clicking/tapping the “Join Now” or “Sign Up” button and entering in all requested personal information. The best sites are all encrypted and use KYC standards, so your private info is as safe as the stuff in Bill Belichick’s playbook.
  3. Select Bitcoin Cash from the site’s deposits menu and copy down the operator’s “Bitcoin Cash sending address.”
  4. Choose an optional Bitcoin Cash Super Bowl betting bonus.
  5. In your Bitcoin Cash wallet or exchange wallet, choose the “Send” option and paste the above BCH address into the recipient field. Add the BCH amount you wish to transfer and submit your deposit.

At just 15-20 minutes, Bitcoin Cash transfers are markedly faster than Bitcoin transfers (30-60 minutes) and Ethereum transfers (45-90 minutes), which means you can get money into your account more quickly and bet while the betting’s good.

Note: For even faster crypto transfers, a few of the best online Super Bowl betting sites support altcoins like Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, etc. But for most users, BCH is a great option.

How To Claim Super Bowl Betting Payouts In Bitcoin Cash

Claiming Bitcoin Cash Super Bowl payouts is a walk in the park. Actually, it’s more like a celebratory high-step down the sideline after you’ve scorched the safety on a deep ball.

To claim your online Super Bowl betting winnings, Bitcoin Cash withdrawals work like this:

  1. Navigate to your online sports betting site’s cashier page and choose Bitcoin Cash from the withdrawal menu.
  2. Open your BCH wallet or Bitcoin Cash exchange account, choose the “Receive” option, and copy down your unique “Bitcoin Cash receiving address.”
  3. Back at your sportsbook, enter in the above Bitcoin Cash address along with the amount of your eligible account balance you’d like to pull out.
  4. Submit the withdrawal request.

With Bitcoin Cash, most Super Bowl gambling payouts are processed automatically and instantly. However, if you’re pulling out a particularly large sum of money because you’ve nailed all your Super Bowl predictions, you may have to wait for your payout to be certified manually by your online bookie.

In either case, you can expect to receive your winnings in full within just 2-3 hours. As with all online betting crypto coins, Bitcoin Cash lets you claim same-day payouts reliably, safely, and securely from all the best Super Bowl betting sites online.

Bitcoin Cash Super Bowl Betting Promos

The top sites all offer bonuses for new members making their first deposits, and many operators also give returning members reload bonuses on fresh deposits. Regardless of your status, however, you’ll get better, more valuable bonuses when you make your deposits using Bitcoin Cash.

These days, all legitimate online sportsbooks prefer that their members use cryptocurrencies instead of more traditional banking options, as speeds are much faster, fees are much lower, and transactions can never be interrupted.

That’s why these sites offer the best bonuses when you use crypto to bet on Super Bowl odds online. By sweetening the pot, your sportsbook is leveling the playing field for everyone involved. It’s a win-win all around.

That said, it’s important to remember that all online Super Bowl bonuses are 100% optional, and you’ll need to read each sports betting promo’s terms and conditions before accepting any free plays.

Fortunately, the sites we recommend all have fair, player-friendly terms and low sports betting bonus rollover requirements, so we’re comfortable recommending these Super Bowl promos to just about everyone.