Legal Super Bowl 57 Coin Toss Prop Bets

Laying some action on Super Bowl prop bets are perfect for the big game because they allow for wagers to be placed on events that occur during the entire game for maximum engagement and fun. Some of the first odds to cash in during each year’s telecast are Super Bowl coin toss prop bets, half-time props, Super Bowl commercial props, MVP props, and National anthem props as they are one of the top draws at NFL betting sites each February.

Coin toss prop bets for the Super Bowl are often featured year-round at online sportsbooks and are attractive to new bettors because the 50/50 probability requires little to no research or forethought. Just simply bet on heads or tails at a legal Super Bowl betting site and hope for the best on Championship Sunday.  

Read on to make heads or tails of coin toss prop bets and find out more about the best online Super Bowl sportsbooks offering odds on SB LVII.

Best Online Sportsbooks For Super Bowl 57 Coin Toss Prop Bets

Site LinkBonus OfferRatingUSA
BovadaReview50% Max $1,0005 Star RatingUSA Accepted
BetUSReview125% Max $3,1255 Star RatingUSA Accepted
MyBookieReview50% Max $1,0005 Star RatingUSA Accepted
Xbet Review100% Max $5004.5 Star RatingUSA Accepted
BetonlineReview50% Max $1,0004.5 Star RatingUSA Accepted
SportsBetting Review50% Max $1,0004.5 Star RatingUSA Accepted

Super Bowl Bets: Coin Toss Props

What Team Will Win Coin Toss In Super Bowl 57?

  • AFC -105
  • NFC -105

Will Team That Calls Coin Toss In Super Bowl 57 Be Correct?

  • Yes -105
  • No -105

Will Team That Wins Coin Toss Also Win Super Bowl 57?

  • Yes -105
  • No -105

How To Bet On Coin Toss Props Legally For Super Bowl 2023

In order to place a wager on a Super Bowl coin toss prop bet with an online sportsbook, you’ll need to become a member of one of the legal NFL betting sites that we feature in the table above. Click on any of the above online sportsbooks that we recommend and select the join button at the top of the home page.

The first page is where you’ll complete your first deposit using a wide array of sportsbook funding options. While there, be sure to investigate the promotional deposit matching offers that each of these sites feature for the potential to enhance your bankroll before you’ve even won a bet.  

Once your deposit is complete, you can make your way to the sportsbook section of the website, locate the NFL tab to find the Super Bowl odds, and the SB prop bets can typically be found under that header. Once there, you’ll find Super Bowl coin toss proposition bets as well as literally hundreds of other SB56 props.

Super Bowl Coin Toss History

The Super Bowl coin toss results are an afterthought during the big game, but not when it comes to placing a bet on whether the coin will land on heads or tails. Although the actual result reduces down to a 50/50 probability, there is some information to gleam from historical Super Bowl coin toss data.

The Super Bowl has been played 56 times, and over that duration, heads landed face up 26 times, while tails has been the correct call on 30 occasions. That trend is straying away from the even probability we suggested earlier, so bettors may want to focus on heads during Super Bowl LVII. 

The team who won the coin toss is often used in betting lines to ask if that same team will be the victor and hoist the Lombardi at the conclusion of the game. These Super Bowl odds often feature both options in the negative, meaning that the bettor will have to risk more than the book.

How To Win A Coin Toss Bet Every Time

Simply stated, winning every coin toss bet is not something to strive for as it is a near impossibility to achieve. Winning a coin toss bet every time one is made is within the realm of possibility, but the probability of that occurring is microscopically low, and relying on payouts from these bets is not a feasible financial endeavor.

2023 Super Bowl Coin: What Does The NFL Use?

The NFL uses a custom, one-ounce, gold coin that was struck by the Highland Mint for each year’s Super Bowl coin toss for over 25 years. 10,000 coins are struck for each game, and the one created first is used for the coin toss at the Super Bowl. The design for the coin typically features the helmets of the two competing teams on both sides of the logo for that year’s Super Bowl.

How Much Is The Super Bowl Coin Worth?

The Highland Mint sells all of the copies of their annual SB coins on their website, save for the one that was used for the Super Bowl coin toss. Prices for the standard coin begin at $49.99, and there are alternate pressings and designs that are available for more.

Who Gets To Call Heads Or Tails In The Super Bowl?

The franchise that has been designated as the away team gets to call heads or tails on the opening coin toss in the Super Bowl, which is the same rule used during regular season and NFL Playoff games. Because the Super Bowl is played at a neutral location each year, the home team is rotated between the AFC and NFC. The AFC will be the away team for Super Bowl 2023. 

The captain of the away team will call heads or tails while the coin is in flight, and the referee will determine the final result once it lands on the ground. The winning team will get the choice of kicking off or receiving the ball first, and the losing team will get the choice of which side of the field they want to defend.

Super Bowl Coin Toss Outcomes

Super Bowl GameToss WinnerToss LoserHeads/TailsWin Coin Toss & SB?
Super Bowl LVIILos Angeles RamsCincinnati BengalsTailsNo 
Super Bowl LVIKansas City ChiefsTampa Bay BuccaneersHeadsNo 
Super Bowl LIVSan FranciscoKansas CityTailsNo 
Super Bowl LIIIL.A. RamsNew EnglandTailsNo 
Super Bowl LIINew EnglandPhiladelphiaHeadsNo 
Super Bowl LIAtlantaNew EnglandTailsNo 
Super Bowl 50CarolinaDenverTailsNo 
Super Bowl XLIXSeattleNew EnglandTailsNo 
Super Bowl XLVIIISeattleDenverTailsYes 
Super Bowl XLVIIBaltimoreSan FranciscoHeadsYes 
Super Bowl XLVINew EnglandN.Y. GiantsHeadsNo 
Super Bowl XLVGreen BayPittsburghHeadsYes 
Super Bowl XLIVNew OrleansIndianapolisHeadsYes 
Super Bowl XLIIIArizonaPittsburghHeadsNo 
Super Bowl XLIIN.Y. GiantsNew EnglandTailsYes 
Super Bowl XLIChicagoIndianapolisHeadsNo 
Super Bowl XLSeattlePittsburghTailsNo 
Super Bowl XXXIXPhiladelphiaNew EnglandTailsNo 
Super Bowl XXXVIIICarolinaNew EnglandTailsNo 
Super Bowl XXXVIITampa BayOaklandTailsYes 
Super Bowl XXXVISt. LouisNew EnglandHeadsNo 
Super Bowl XXXVN.Y. GiantsBaltimoreTailsNo 
Super Bowl XXXIVSt. LouisTennesseeTailsYes 
Super Bowl XXXIIIAtlantaDenverTailsNo 
Super Bowl XXXIIGreen BayDenverTailsNo 
Super Bowl XXXINew EnglandGreen BayHeadsNo 
Super Bowl XXXDallasPittsburghTailsYes 
Super Bowl XXIXSan FranciscoSan DiegoHeadsYes 
Super Bowl XXVIIIDallasBuffaloTailsYes 
Super Bowl XXVIIBuffaloN.Y. GiantsHeadsNo 
Super Bowl XXVIWashingtonBuffaloHeadsYes 
Super Bowl XXVBuffaloN.Y. GiantsHeadsNo 
Super Bowl XXIVDenverSan FranciscoHeadsNo 
Super Bowl XXIIISan FranciscoCincinnatiTailsYes 
Super Bowl XXIIWashingtonDenverHeadsYes 
Super Bowl XXIDenverN.Y. GiantsTailsNo 
Super Bowl XXChicagoNew EnglandTailsYes 
Super Bowl XIXSan FranciscoMiamiTailsYes 
Super Bowl XVIIIL.A. RaidersWashingtonHeadsYes 
Super Bowl XVIIMiamiWashingtonTailsNo 
Super Bowl XVISan FranciscoCincinnatiTailsYes 
Super Bowl XVPhiladelphiaOaklandTailsNo 
Super Bowl XIVL.A. RamsPittsburghHeadsNo 
Super Bowl XIIIDallasPittsburghHeadsNo 
Super Bowl XIIDallasDenverHeadsYes 
Super Bowl XIOaklandMinnesotaTailsYes 
Super Bowl XDallasPittsburghHeadsNo 
Super Bowl IXPittsburghMinnesotaTailsYes 
Super Bowl VIIIMiamiMinnesotaHeadsYes 
Super Bowl VIIMiamiWashingtonHeadsYes 
Super Bowl VIMiamiDallasHeadsNo 
Super Bowl VDallasBaltimoreTailsNo 
Super Bowl IVMinnesotaKansas CityTailsNo 
Super Bowl IIIN.Y. JetsBaltimoreHeadsYes 
Super Bowl IIOaklandGreen BayTailsNo 
Super Bowl IGreen BayKansas CityHeadsYes