Super Bowl 53 Predictions: Patriots-Rams Betting Review

Super Bowl LIII between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams is a classic example of why football, and sports as a whole, are unpredictable.

If you predicted that the Patriots would beat the Rams by a score of 13-3 and the combined score would be the lowest total in Super Bowl history, then you should consider a career as an oddsmaker because even the sportsbooks got this one wrong. Here are our picks and a breakdown for why the ball didn’t quite bounce our way.

Current 2019 Super Bowl Betting Line

NFL Team Point Spread | Money Line | Over/Under
Los Angeles Rams   +3.0 (-115) | +125 | O: 57.0 (-105)
New England Patriots   -3.0 (+105) | -145 | U: 57.0 (-115)

2019 Super Bowl Betting Line Picks

We’ll be using the current odds found at Bovada to make our picks. The Rams-Patriots betting line has seen a lot of movement since it opened on Sunday, and we believe now is the right time to place your bet, find value, and take advantage of the influx of public money on Super Bowl 53.

Point Spread Pick: Rams +3

Postgame Analysis: The game was controlled by the Patriots for most of the game, but the game was tied 3-3 until 7:00 left in the fourth quarter the game was tied 3-3 when the Patriots scored the first touchdown for either side. The Rams took the ball and drive it to the Patriots 27-yard line and things looked promising until Jared Goff threw an interception while under pressure, killing basically any chance of covering or getting the push.

Money Line Pick: Rams +130

Postgame Analysis: We knew that Bill Belichick was the greatest coach in NFL history, but even last year’s 41-33 loss to the Eagles showed that his defense can be beaten and give up a ton of points. Well, even though the Rams had the No. 2 rank offense in the league, Belichick proved once again why he’s the best to ever walk the sidelines, suffocating and pressuring the 24-year-old Jared Goff all night and holding the Rams talented offense to a measly 3 points.

Over/Under Pick: Over 57.5

Postgame Analysis: As mentioned above, if you predicted this game, which featured two offenses ranked in the top 5 during the regular season and both defenses ranked outside the top 15, to finish with a combined 16 points (13-3) and finish way under, then you might be getting a call from some sportsbooks because their prediction was off by 41.5 points. In fact, the total for Super Bowl LIII is the biggest outlier in Super Bowl betting history, which previously had been 37.5 points in Super Bowl XLVIII (48) when the Seahawks were 2.5-point underdogs and beat the Broncos 43-8.

Best Sports Betting Sites For Super Bowl 54

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