Legally Betting On The Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Odds

Eagles logoThe Philadelphia Eagles have nested in eastern Pennsylvania since 1933 and are one of the longest-running NFL franchises in existence today. They have won three pre-merger NFL Championships and were the champions of SB LII, and legally betting on the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl odds is a popular pastime in the City of Brotherly Love.

Keep reading to learn how to bet on the Eagles' odds to win Super Bowl LVIII and which online sportsbooks represent your best options for gambling on NFL teams. We also cover the various types of Eagles odds that are offered throughout the season so that gamblers are informed when entering Super Bowl betting sites and placing a wager.

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Current Betting Odds To Win Super Bowl 59

🏈 odds via Bovada

  • Kansas City Chiefs +425
  • San Francisco 49ers +650
  • Baltimore Ravens +950
  • Houston Texans +1000
  • Detroit Lions +1200
  • Cincinnati Bengals +1500
  • Green Bay Packers +1500
  • Philadelphia Eagles +1500
  • Buffalo Bills +1600
  • Dallas Cowboys +1600
  • New York Jets +2200
  • Miami Dolphins +2500
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +3000
  • Los Angeles Rams +3500
  • Atlanta Falcons +4000
  • Chicago Bears +4000
  • Los Angeles Chargers +4000
  • Cleveland Browns +4500
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +5000
  • Indianapolis Colts +7000
  • Seattle Seahawks +7500
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +7500
  • Minnesota Vikings +8000
  • Las Vegas Raiders +9000
  • New Orleans Saints +10000
  • Arizona Cardinals +11000
  • New York Giants +13500
  • Washington Commanders +15000
  • New England Patriots +18000
  • Denver Broncos +20000
  • Tennessee Titans +20000
  • Carolina Panthers +30000

Where Can I Legally Bet On Eagles Super Bowl LVIII Odds?

There are two options for legal Super Bowl 2024 betting in the United States – domestic and offshore sportsbooks.

Domestic Super Bowl Sportsbooks – Each state is allowed to regulate sportsbooks, and over half the country has opted in. If you are standing in one of the many US states that offer legal Super Bowl betting, visit a local sportsbook and place a wager on Eagles odds or any other team still alive in the playoff hunt.

Offshore Super Bowl Betting Sites – Gambling sites that operate offshore can legally accept members from inside the United States and allow them to bet on the Philadelphia Eagles online. Overseas sportsbook sites are not governed by US or state gambling laws, creating a situation where NFL bettors will not get into trouble for wagering with one.

Eagles team huddle

Philadelphia Eagles Bet Types

In the following sections, we describe the various types of bets that can be made on the Philadelphia Eagles, whether it is season-long action on the Super Bowl or playoffs or more immediate wagers on upcoming games.

Eagles Betting Lines

Each preseason, regular season, and playoff game will feature an NFL betting line, including the Super Bowl. There are three standard components of Eagles betting lines, and they are as follows.

  • Eagles Point Spread Betting – The point spread will be the first item in any NFL betting line. The spread represents the number of points that each team is expected to win or lose by. Negative spreads are given to projected winners, while positive numbers are granted to the underdog and presumed loser.
  • Eagles Moneyline Betting – Each team will be given money line odds allowing for bets to be made on simple wins. If the team you bet on wins, the wager is a winner.
  • Over/Under Betting – The third part of a betting line is the over/under, which is the total estimated points that both teams will score. Winning bets on the Eagles over under will correctly select the side of the line the total score points falls on.

Super Bowl LVII Betting Line

  • Point Spread: Eagles -1.5, Chiefs +1.5
  • Moneyline: Eagles -125, Chiefs +105
  • Over/Under: 50.0

Eagles Futures Betting

  • Eagles Odds To Win NFC East – The Eagles are members of the NFC East Division with the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Commanders, and New York Giants. Philadelphia will play a two-game series with division members each season. There will be NFC East futures on the boards accepting action on all four teams as long as each is still playoff eligible. The winner of the NFC East Division is awarded a top-four seed in the National Football Conference half of the NFL Playoffs bracket.
  • Eagles Odds To Make Playoffs – The top four seeds will be given to the division winners in the NFC, but the next three best teams, regardless of division affiliation, will be granted wild card spots and ranked 5-7 in the bracket. Betting on the Eagles to make the NFL Playoffs as a wild card will typically involve specific prop bets regarding that outcome.
  • Eagles Odds To Win NFC Championship – The winner of the NFC Championship Game is rewarded with a trip to the Super Bowl. Betting on the NFC Champion can be done with NFL futures odds all year. NFC futures lines start out with all 16 teams listed from most to least likely to win. Odds for betting on the Eagles to win the NFC Championship are usually posted as soon as the Super Bowl is over.
  • Eagles Superbowl Odds – Eagles' Super Bowl futures are made available even before the prior year's big game is over. NFL futures odds include a list of all 32 franchises and allows for bets to be placed on their chances of winning the Super Bowl that year. Because of the large field of options and the timeframe involved, most NFL futures feature odds that are well into the positive. -

Philadelphia Eagles Prop Bets

All portions of an Eagles game broadcast that are not covered by the point spread, moneyline odds for Philadelphia to win, the over/under, and 2024 Super Bowl futures fall under the hat of prop bets. This category is primarily composed of odds for team and player props for statistical hurdles, but anything that bookmakers can dream up is fair game.

If the Eagles make it to the big game, the opportunities to wager on Super Bowl prop bets will number in the thousands across the sites we recommend. Options are limited to the Eagles, though. Betting on the coin toss, halftime show odds, and gambling on the Super Bowl MVP are also in play throughout the final Sunday of the season.

Live Eagles Betting Lines

Once the kickoff happens in an Eagles game, lines become live at the Super Bowl betting sites that we recommend. Live betting is offered for the point spread, moneyline winner odds, and the over/under while the game clock is running, and prop bets also remain on the board until a conclusion is reached.

Live Super Bowl betting lines keep active from the first through fourth quarters, with odds that shift as the momentum changes. In-game odds are not guaranteed to keep active for the entire duration of the Super Bowl but will likely last until the final minutes as long as the contest is competitive.

Eagles Betting Apps

Gamblers looking to bet on the Eagles while on the go can do so using any of the offshore sportsbooks mentioned and linked to in this guide. No download is needed, as these Super Bowl betting apps are accessible using mobile web browsers like Opera, Safari, and others.

All Eagles odds, lines, and prop bets found at the desktop sportsbook site can be pulled up on all major smartphones and tablets, including Apple (iPad, iPhone) and Android devices. Because these apps don’t need to be installed, Super Bowl betting odds are just a click away.

Chances are you are reading this on a mobile device now, so click on any of the Super Bowl betting site links included here to give these NFL betting apps a test drive.

Eagles Betting Odds FAQs

Yes. There are domestic and offshore sportsbooks that serve PA. The minimum age to gamble at a Pennsylvania sportsbook is 21 years old. Some of the offshore NFL sportsbooks that accept PA-based members allow for them to join at the age of 18 and bet on the Eagles online.

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