Legal Super Bowl Betting Vouchers

Time is of the essence when betting on Super Bowl odds, as sportsbooks start posting these once the NFL Playoffs get under way (except for Super Bowl futures, which are available year-round). However, as each week of the NFL postseason passes, more Super Bowl prop bets and specials populate the betting boards, and you need to have your account funded to take advantage of these exciting, changing lines.


Super Bowl betting vouchers are a great deposit method for those looking to make instant deposits to bet on the Super Bowl, especially when they want to use otherwise unsupported sports bet funding options like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, and other popular US-based P2P instant-pay services. Vouchers are truly a super way to bet on the Super Bowl!

Bovada – We Can Vouch For Bovada Vouchers To Fund Your Legal Super Bowl Betting!

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Bovada is America’s favorite online sportsbook, and they have the most Super Bowl odds of any major operator. They’re also the best site for making PayPal betting deposits, Venmo betting deposits, Cash App betting deposits, and more, as the Bovada Voucher system (aka Bovada Player Transfer system) allows members to use these P2P services even though the site can’t accept them directly.

Whether you bet on the road or bet at home, voucher code options at Bovada let you top off your bankroll immediately using services you already enjoy, right from your computer or mobile gambling device (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.).

To get a Bovada Voucher, the Bovada Community boards are a great place to go shopping, and once you buy your Bovada Voucher code, you can deposit it into your Super Bowl betting account immediately. You’ve waited all year for the Super Bowl, but at Bovada, you never have to wait to bet on the big game!

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What Are Super Bowl Betting Vouchers?

Super Bowl betting vouchers – or, more generally, sports betting vouchers – are deposit options that let you use otherwise non-supported P2P services to fund your online sportsbook account. In other words, if you want to bet with PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, or other similar services, you can do so using vouchers.

Remember, since the best NFL Super Bowl betting sites are all located outside of the USA, you can’t directly fund your account with these popular services. For many users, that effectively prevents them from signing up to make Super Bowl bets or wager on other athletic contests from the US and around the world.

Vouchers, however, allow members at participating sportsbooks to buy portions of the account balances of other members in private US-based transactions using their PayPal apps, Venmo apps, and so on.

This is a true gamechanger for Super Bowl gambling fans and sports bettors living in the US, as there are no restrictions on buying voucher codes from fellow residents and site members. The process is fast, simple, safe, and secure, and it’s explained in detail further down this page.

How To Use Super Bowl Betting Voucher Codes

To use a Super Bowl gambling voucher (or any sports betting voucher), you need to first sign up with a participating site, such as Bovada, by following any link on this page. Then, navigate to your site’s Community page or forum, and search for a posting for a voucher code.

To buy the voucher code, message the seller, agree upon the P2P service to use, and send the seller your money through the appropriate P2P payments app. Once your seller receives your payment, they will send the voucher code to your email address.

From there, simply copy the code, navigate to the deposit menu at the Cashier page of your chosen Super Bowl sportsbook, and select the Voucher or Player Transfer option (though this may be called something different depending on the sportsbook in question).

Enter the code, and the amount you’ve purchased will be immediately deposited into your account. You can even get access to all the standard deposit or reload Super Bowl bonuses your site offers! It’s that easy!

Super Bowl Sportsbook Voucher Banking Options

When you use a sports betting voucher at participating legal Super Bowl betting sites, you can make deposits or withdrawals at your convenience. The process is mostly the same on either side, but we’ve broken down how to use betting voucher codes for both buyers and sellers:

Gambling Voucher Deposits

To make a voucher deposit, the first step is to join a sportsbook that supports these kinds of transfers. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to find a voucher code for sale. Most sites have a forum available (i.e. the Bovada Community) where such ads will be listed, but some members prefer to buy them elsewhere (i.e. offsite sports betting forums). We recommend going through your Super Bowl oddsmaker’s official portal for increased security.

Once you’ve found an ad for a voucher in an amount suitable for your needs – be sure your deposit is big enough to handle all those Super Bowl odds you’ll have to choose from! – contact the seller and arrange to purchase their gambling voucher code using any P2P platform that works for both of you. Pay the required amount using your PayPal app, Venmo app, etc., and the seller will send the voucher code to your email address.

With your Super Bowl betting voucher in hand, head over to your sportsbook site, log in, and select the deposit option at the Cashier page or from your user portal. Choose the voucher/player transfer option, enter your code, and the money will be credited to your account in seconds. Don’t forget to select any bonus Super Bowl bet options when making your voucher deposit!

Gambling Voucher Withdrawals

Withdrawing via vouchers is a great way to get same-day payouts using convenient services like PayPal and other person-to-person payment apps.

To claim a voucher payout, log into your account, head over to the Cashier page, and select the voucher or player transfer option from the withdrawal methods menu. Enter the amount of money you wish to assign to your voucher code, keeping in mind that your balance must be eligible for withdrawals as normal.

Then, just submit the ticket. It can take up to two days from this point to receive your voucher code at the email address linked to your Super Bowl betting account, but most times, you’ll only have to wait a few hours.

Once you’ve received the voucher code, you can post an ad on your sportsbook’s forums or elsewhere on the Internet (Reddit, Facebook, etc.). Once a buyer contacts you and pays you via PayPal or another P2P service, you’ll release your voucher code to the buyer via email or another method of communication.

Note: You are not guaranteed to receive your Super Bowl winnings on the same day as you post your voucher ad, though more often than not, you should have a seller contact you within just a few hours. For guaranteed same-day payouts, Bitcoin Super Bowl betting (or gambling with another supported cryptocurrency) is recommended.

P2P Services That Support Online Betting Vouchers

The beauty of the voucher system is that it lets you quickly transfer funds using person-to-person (or peer-to-peer) instant-pay services that aren’t directly supported by your legal offshore Super Bowl gambling site.

This means that when you want to place any Super Bowl bet quickly and easily using these convenient banking options, you can finally do so! The following P2P services can be used for buying and selling online sports betting voucher codes:

Most of these services include no added transfer fees for private transactions, but some charge nominal fees for senders. Please check the terms and conditions of any P2P app you wish to use to bet on the Super Bowl with sportsbook vouchers.

How To Place A Super Bowl Bet With Sportsbook Vouchers

Above, we’ve covered all the steps required to fund your online Super Bowl bets with vouchers and player transfers. Of course, that’s the easy part because actually figuring out just what to bet on when it comes to the Super Bowl can be a daunting task indeed!

There are upwards of 1000 different Super Bowl props at all the top online sportsbooks, and when you add in Super Bowl live betting lines and Super Bowl parlays, your betting chances are virtually unlimited.

In general, be ready to browse the odds boards for all the following kinds of Super Bowl wagers:

Super Bowl Betting Voucher FAQs

Essentially, vouchers let you buy portions of the account balances from other Super Bowl betting site members using PayPal and other P2P services that aren’t directly accepted by your sportsbook Cashier.

Betting vouchers also allow sellers to claim payouts – often same-day – using the same platforms.