Shopping The Super Bowl MVP Odds At NFL Betting Sites

All of our top Super Bowl betting sites are geared up for the big game with thousands of lines and props posted across them. Before finalizing any NFL bets, it is best to shop our suggested online sportsbooks to find out where the best odds are at.

By best, we mean the moneylines that payout the best for the same outcome. This applies to betting on the Super Bowl MVP, as the cash winnings are entirely dependent on the odds.

Let’s have a look at what each sportsbook is offering for Super Bowl MVP odds this year.

Super Bowl LVII MVP Odds (Bovada)

  • Jalen Hurts +130
  • Patrick Mahomes +135
  • Travis Kelce +1200
  • A.J. Brown +1800
  • Haason Reddick +2500
  • Devonta Smith +2800
  • Miles Sanders +2800
  • Chris Jones +4500
  • Isiah Pacheco +5000
  • Dallas Goedert +6500

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes, and Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce are ranked 1st through 3rd, respectively, at each of the sites included in our online Super Bowl sportsbook reviews.

The candidates begin to differ from number 4 onward. Even in the top three, however, the odds can be shopped.

Super Bowl 57 MVP Odds (BetUS)

  • Jalen Hurts +120
  • Patrick Mahomes +130
  • Travis Kelce +1200
  • AJ Brown +1400
  • Miles Sanders +2200
  • Devonta Smith +2500
  • Haason Reddick +2800
  • Chris Jones +4000
  • Jerick McKinnon +4000
  • Isiah Pacheco +4000
  • Dallas Goedert +5000

The best odds for betting on Jalen Hurts to win the SB LVII MVP are posted at Bovada. His +130 moneyline will earn cash payouts of $2.30 on a $1 wager.

Bovada also has the best MVP odds on the boards for Patrick Mahomes. If the KC QB earns the honors, betting on him will earn payouts of $1.35 for each dollar risked.

Super Bowl LVII MVP Odds (BetOnline)

  • Jalen Hurts +110
  • Patrick Mahomes +125
  • Travis Kelce +1200
  • Miles Sanders +2200
  • AJ Brown +2500
  • Haason Reddick +2500
  • Devonta Smith +3300
  • Dallas Goedert +3300
  • Isaiah Pacheco +5000
  • Chris Jones +5000

What’s worth noting is the inordinate amount of Eagles’ players featured near the top of the Most Valuable Player odds. Only two Chiefs are featured in the top seven players in all cases.

Super Bowl 57 MVP Odds (MyBookie)

  • Hurts, Jalen +119
  • Mahomes, Patrick +122
  • Kelce, Travis +1150
  • Brown, A. J. +1300
  • Sanders, Miles +2300
  • Smith, Devonta +2600
  • Reddick, Haason +3200
  • Jones, Chris +3900
  • Pacheco, Isiah +3900
  • Goedert, Dallas +5800

Does this mean that Philadelphia is a guaranteed winner? The odds seem to suggest so.

The two starting quarterbacks in a given Super Bowl are typically the top two ranked players in MVP prop bets. The Most Valuable Player Trophy is given to the quarterback over half the time.

Here are some unique MVP props that take action on the quarterback versus the remaining members of both Super Bowl rosters.

Super Bowl 57 MVP – QB vs. The Field

  • Quarterback -550
  • Any Other Position +375

Super Bowl MVP Odds For Mahomes vs. The Field

  • Patrick Mahomes +130
  • The Field -170

Super Bowl MVP Props For Hurts vs. The Field

  • Jalen Hurts +120
  • The Field -160

The following Super Bowl prop bets take action on non-quarterback positions versus the field. While the field is projected to prevail in all cases, big-time payouts are being offered for the featured position to win.

MVP Odds – RB, FB, TE, WR vs. The Field

  • Running/Full Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End +375
  • The Field -550

Any Defensive Player vs. The Field

  • Any Defensive Player +700
  • The Field -1600

There’s been only one occasion where the MVP played for a team that lost the Super Bowl. That was in Super Bowl V when Dallas Cowboys linebacker Chuck Howley became the MVP after losing to the Baltimore Colts 16-13.

Will The Super Bowl 57 MVP Be A Member Of The Losing Team?

  • Yes +3000

While the above prop does not allow for betting on “No,” there are 30-to-1 net profits being dangled in front of gamblers, enticing them to wager on “Yes.”

Super Bowl LVII MVP Betting Odds: Bovada, MyBookie, BetUS, BetOnline

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