Super Bowl Prop Bets For Chris Stapleton’s National Anthem Performance

The singer of the Star-Spangled Banner at Super Bowl LVII will be country music legend, Chris Stapleton. Immediately after the announcement was made on Tuesday, National Anthem prop bets debuted at online Super Bowl sportsbooks.

While the props are sparse at the moment, there are at least two lines on the boards at MyBookie.AG that are taking action on the overall length of Stapleton’s Star-Spangled Banner performance and also on the amount of jets included in the Super Bowl flyover.

Super Bowl National Anthem Prop: Total Time

  • Chris Stapleton Over 2:03.00 (123 Seconds) -115
  • Chris Stapleton Under 2:03.00 (123 Seconds) -115

The current over/under for Stapleton’s National Anthem duration is set at 2:03:00 at legal Super Bowl betting sites.

Last year, Mickey Guyton sang the Super Bowl National Anthem at 1:51, but there had been only one sub-two-minute Star-Spangled Banner in the previous seven.

The longest performance of all time was delivered by Alicia Keys when she lasted 2:35 (155 seconds) at Super Bowl 47. The shortest ever was given by the immortal Neil Diamond at Super Bowl XXI when he lasted only 62 seconds.

Back at Super Bowl 53 in 2019, Gladys Knight sang the pregame National Anthem, but online sportsbooks had to make the final call as to when the song’s running time officially lapsed.

The final duration was officially called at 2:01, but Knight sang the word “brave” a few more times after that time, causing an uproar from gamblers that had bet the over.

From that moment forth, NFL betting sites galvanized and declared that once the first utterance of the final word “brave” is concluded, so then is the Star-Spangled Banner.

That’s definitely something to keep in mind for anyone laying some action on Chris Stapleton’s odds.

Once the final few lines of the National Anthem begin, a few jets normally perform a low flyover that rattles the stadium stands and gets all fans in attendance jacked up for the kickoff.

NFL sportsbook sites are now in the habit of producing Super Bowl prop bets for the number of aircraft included in the flyover, and the current over/under is set at 4.5 jets.

Super Bowl National Anthem Flyover

  • Under 4.5 Aircraft in Flyover -150
  • Over 4.5 Aircraft in Flyover +110

The Super Bowl over/under set for total aircraft included in the flyover from LVI was also set at 4.5. The total was actually 5, so the over paid out in 2022.

While the line is set at 4.5, the odds are not equal. What’s strange is that the under is favored with a -150 moneyline. We like the over again in 2023, and the current flyover odds will more than double Super Bowl gamblers’ money if successful.

These National Anthem odds will remain on the boards until minutes before the performance from Chris Stapleton starts. We advise placing your wagers early this year because there have been information leaks in the past that caused lines to be removed, as was the case at Super Bowl 55.

The singers usually practice in the stadium at least once prior to Super Bowl Sunday, and those performances have been live-streamed on social media, tipping off gamblers to the total running time.

However, even in those cases, Anthem wagers placed prior to the leak were honored. All the more reason to bet a few days before the big game.

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