Super Bowl 56 odds for betting on the Green Bay Packers to win against the Kansas City Chiefs

The Super Bowl 56 futures odds now project an outcome where the Green Bay Packers will win the NFC and face off against the Kansas City Chiefs at SoFi Stadium on February 13th. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were able to rebound nicely from their embarrassing shutout loss to the New Orleans Saints by pummeling their … Read more

NFL playoff odds for betting on Super Bowl 56 Ron Rivera

With five weeks to go in the 2021-22 NFL Season, only the Houston Texans have been eliminated from playoff contention. That’s mostly due to large packs of teams settling in the middle in the AFC and NFC, with the latter likely to produce a pair of wild card teams from the realm of mediocrity. Check … Read more

Brady Wins Super Bowl 55

Time after time, Tom Brady has beaten the best the game has to offer in the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl. Super Bowl LV was no different, as Brady was able to lead his Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 31-9 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. Success occurs so often for Brady that fans and … Read more

Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church sing the Star-Spangled Banner at Super Bowl 55

Super Bowl Sunday has arrived and NFL bettors should take a moment to acknowledge the effort that the league has put forth in order to allow for a full seasons’ worth of action to wager on. Sure, there were a couple of speed bumps along the way. Low points include the Week 12 matchup between … Read more

Couples Featured In Super Bowl 55 Commercials For TurboTax and Cheetos

During the NFL’s regular season, commercial breaks are designated for drink refills and expeditious trips to the bathroom so that a viewers can quickly return to the game once it comes back on. The same cannot be said for Super Bowl commercial breaks. Corporations use the platform of the Super Bowl to debut their new … Read more

referee performing Super Bowl LV coin toss with Chiefs watching

Super Bowl bettors are losing their heads over coin toss prop bets because they are taking in much more action than usual at online sportsbooks. Some gamblers are just after pure action, and there’s no bet that’s features more even action than wagering on a coin toss. There’s literally no background information that can deliver … Read more

BetOnline Super Bowl LV Prop Bet Promo 2021

With so much focus on Super Bowl 55 and the matchup for the ages between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs, it can be easy for fans get lost in the hype surrounding the betting odds and forget to take time out to actually enjoy the big game. BetOnline NFL Sportsbook now … Read more

Bovada Whatsyawager Promotion for Super Bowl 55 prop bets

Proposition bets and parlays are commonplace offerings at any reputable legal online sportsbook that features odds for Super Bowl 55. Most of these online Super Bowl betting sites allow for members to create their own custom parlay bets, pairing up more than one outcome into a single wager and elevating the potential payout. These parlays … Read more

Sarah Thomas Super Bowl 55 Prop Bet Muse

When perusing the Super Bowl odds that are offered for each year’s final game on the NFL calendar, bettors will find lines involving aspects of the game that occur outside the field of play.   Prop bets for the Super Bowl have a wide berth in regards to what they can ask patrons to risk … Read more

Patrick Mahomes wins Super Bowl 55

When the Super Bowl 55 futures debuted after SB LIV in February of 2020, the Kansas City Chiefs were predicted to win their second Lombardi Trophy in a row. We are now nine days out from the kickoff of Super Bowl LV and the Chiefs are one win away from earning a large payout for … Read more