Former Super Bowl Favorite Baltimore Ravens Didn’t Pass COVID-19 Test

Time is running out for the Baltimore Ravens and their Super Bowl 55 odds, as it is now Week 13 of the NFL season, and they find themselves with a record of 6-5 and outside of postseason contention.

While their NFL Playoff odds may be looking slim these days, more concerning is the outbreak of COVID-19 in Baltimore that is currently wrecking their active roster.

16 total members of the Ravens tested positive for the coronavirus prior to Baltimore’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers last Wednesday, a contest that many felt should have been postponed outright.

It seems that Super Bowl betting sites are still granting the Ravens respect but time is running out and they are now trailing behind the Miami Dolphins, Las Vegas Raiders, and the Indianapolis Colts in the race to make the AFC Playoffs as a wild card team.

A wild card spot is all that the Ravens can hope for because they are now unable to topple the 11-0 Steelers for the AFC North crown in 2020-2021.

The following Super Bowl futures line from Bovada is still showing a ton of respect for Baltimore, and basically indicates that they will recover from their slump and recapture the top wild card spot from the Cleveland Browns who are currently two games ahead of them.

Odds For The 2020-2021 AFC Champion

  • Kansas City Chiefs +120
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +250
  • Tennessee Titans +900
  • Buffalo Bills +1000
  • Baltimore Ravens +1800
  • Indianapolis Colts +1500
  • Cleveland Browns +2800
  • Las Vegas Raiders +3000
  • Miami Dolphins +3300
  • New England Patriots +6600
  • Houston Texans +15000
  • Los Angeles Chargers +40000
  • Denver Broncos +40000
  • Cincinnati Bengals +100000

The Miami Dolphins are playing well above expectations this year and would seem a much more likely contender for the NFL Playoffs than the Ravens after 12 weeks of play.

Miami is currently 7-4 and only one game ahead of Baltimore, but a quick glance at their upcoming schedule reveals a tough road ahead, with teams like Kansas City, New England, Las Vegas, and Buffalo on the docket.

Sure, the Dolphins can win some of those games (not Kansas City), and they’ll need to, because Baltimore’s upcoming schedule is favorable, with the Giants, Browns, Jaguars, Cowboys, and Bengals closing out the season.

With that collection of duds cluttering up the backend of Baltimore’s schedule, 10-6 seems reasonable, and 11-5 is attainable.

Not only are the Ravens predicted to march into the 2020-21 NFL postseason, but once they get there, they have the potential to do some damage.

If they do indeed secure the #5 seed, they’ll travel to face the likely #4 Buffalo Bills. Considering that the Bills are more highly favored in the AFC title odds and the Super Bowl LV odds, we can assume that oddsmakers don’t expect them to lose the Ravens at home, or any other AFC team in the wild card round.

All things considered, we agree with the oddsmakers in that it is much too early to count out Baltimore, but they had better get their coronavirus situation under control, or their 2020-21 season, and their championship hopes, could collapse.

Source: ESPN