Super Bowl 58 Betting Preview And Projections For The NFL Season

On September 7th, the opening episode of Thursday Night Football between the Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions will mark the onset of the 2023-24 NFL Season.

That’s just three weeks from today, and already, Super Bowl 58 futures are posted that offer a glimpse into division winners, playoff qualifiers, conference champions, and the teams that will make it to the big game on February 11th in Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium.

First, let’s have a look at the AFC and which NFL franchises have the best odds to make the postseason.

Projected 2023-24 AFC Playoff Teams

  • #1 Seed – Kansas City Chiefs (AFC West Winner)
  • #2 Seed – Buffalo Bills (AFC East Winner)
  • #3 Seed – Cincinnati Bengals (AFC North Winner)
  • #4 Seed – Jacksonville Jaguars (AFC South Winner)
  • #5 Seed – Miami Dolphins
  • #6 Seed – New York Jets
  • #7 Seed – Baltimore Ravens

The odds for betting on the Kansas City Chiefs imply that they will win the AFC West, advance to Super Bowl LVIII, and hoist their second Lombardi Trophy in as many years.

There have not been back-to-back Super Bowl Champions since 2003 and 2004 when the New England Patriots won SB XXXVIII and SB XXXIX. The Buffalo Bills appear poised to make it back to the AFC Championship Game, but will fall short to KC in the postseason once again according to the NFL odds.

AFC Sleeper Pick – The Tennessee Titans

A franchise that has fallen by the wayside in regard to playoff contenders is the Tennessee Titans. We’re not confident that the Jaguars are ready to take the helm in the AFC South, and the Indianapolis Colts are starting an untested rookie in Anthony Richardson at quarterback.

The Houston Texans should show signs of improvement but they are no less than a year away from rising above mediocrity. The Titans have a real shot at taking the division crown and the playoff spoils that go with it.

Ryan Tannehill will start for Tennessee at QB for at least one more season, and the same can be said for top-tier running back Derrick Henry. This year, they’ve added stud WR DeAndre Hopkins to the lineup which should ease some of their troubles on the offensive line.

Projected 2023-24 NFC Playoff Teams

  • #1 Seed – Philadelphia Eagles (NFC East Winner)
  • #2 Seed – San Francisco 49ers (NFC West Winner)
  • #3 Seed – Detroit Lions (NFC North Winner)
  • #4 Seed – New Orleans Saints (NFC South Winner)
  • #5 Seed – Dallas Cowboys
  • #6 Seed – Seattle Seahawks
  • #7 Seed – Minnesota Vikings

The Eagles are favored to be the top dog in the NFC, making it to the Super Bowl for the second year in a row. Their most likely opponent in the NFC Championship Game is the San Francisco 49ers. Current moneylines for betting on the Eagles to win the Super Bowl are set at +900.

The 49ers have made it to the NFC Championship in three out of the last four seasons but have only won once. Will 2024 be the year San Francisco puts it together and wins the Lombardi? Payouts will be big for those that are willing to take the risk right now.

NFC Sleeper Pick – The Atlanta Falcons

The NFC South Division is easily the least talented in the league. The Saints are the current favorites to win, but we think the Falcons have a great chance of improving on last year’s effort and taking the division.┬áTheir rushing attack is now bolstered by rookie Bijan Robinson, and optimism is high for second-year QB Desmond Ritter.

Top 10 Most Likely Super Bowl 58 Matchups

In the following ten most likely Super Bowl pairings, the Eagles appear the most. They have a much easier path to carve through the playoffs in the NFC, filled with teams they already defeated last season.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs +1800
  2. San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs +2000
  3. Philadelphia Eagles vs. Buffalo Bills +2200
  4. Philadelphia Eagles vs. Cincinnati Bengals +2500
  5. San Francisco 49ers vs. Buffalo Bills +2500
  6. San Francisco 49ers vs. Cincinnati Bengals +2800
  7. Dallas Cowboys vs. Kansas City Chiefs +3000
  8. Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills +3500
  9. Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Jets +4000
  10. Dallas Cowboys vs. Cincinnati Bengals +4000

Total Appearances In The Top Ten: Eagles 4, Chiefs 3, 49ers 3, Bills 3, Bengals 3, Cowboys 3, Jets 1

Super Bowl 58 Betting Odds – BetUS (BetUS Sportsbook Review), Bovada (Bovada LV Review)

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