Urban Meyer Fired By Jaguars – Bet On Who Goes Next Before Super Bowl 56

A head coach really has to screw up royally in order to get fired during their first season in the National Football League.

Urban Meyer was terminated by the Jacksonville Jaguars after compiling a 2-10 record, but the firing had less to do with wins and losses than it did the head coach’s conduct.

Now that the Jaguars have turned the page on Urban Meyer, his name has been removed from NFL prop bets that ask which head coach will get fired next.

Betting Odds For Next NFL Head Coach To Be Fired

  • Matt Nagy (Chicago Bears) -150
  • David Culley (Houston Texans) +220
  • Mike Zimmer (Minnesota Vikings) +300
  • Vic Fangio (Denver Broncos) +550
  • Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks) +2000

Matt Nagy of the Chicago Bears leads the pack of potential firees with moneyline odds that are listed in the negative at -150.

That means his termination is more likely than not, as wagers on a Nagy firing will require more money to be risked than can be earned with a win.

In the realm of Super Bowl betting futures, a negative moneyline is rare and indicates a near-certain outcome. Nagy is separated by 370 points from his nearest competitor, Houston Texans coach David Culley, but is it a smart wager?

Of the teams listed above, the Texans are the only NFL franchise that has been eliminated from the playoffs. The Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos are the 8th and 10th overall seeds in their respective conferences and have a decent chance of qualifying for the postseason if they can win their next few games.

Even Chicago has a shot at earning a wild card spot in the NFC. Though the Bears are 4-9, the current 7 seed in the NFC would be the Washington Football Team if the season ended today, and they only have 2 more wins than Chicago.

The only question is can any of these borderline teams win enough games with only four weeks remaining in the 2021-22 NFL season to make the playoffs or to save the jobs of the head coaches?

Will David Culley Be Texans Head Coach In 2022-23

  • No -300
  • Yes +200

The above NFL betting odds suggest that Texans head coach David Culley will not be employed by Houston next season, but the moneylines do not indicate whether he will be the next to go.

The following prop bet suggests that the day after the final game of the NFL regular season will see as many as 5 coaches get their walking papers handed to them, and there just happens to be 5 names listed in the odds above.

How Many NFL Coaches Get Fired On January 9, 2022

  • Over 4.5 Coaches -130
  • Under 4.5 Coaches +100

The clock is ticking, so any gamblers that intend to get in on these NFL odds for head coach firings should lay some action as soon as possible.

Once the next coach gets canned, the odds will shift and so will the profitability of the payouts.

ESPN, MyBookie