Amazon Poised To Purchase NFL Sunday Ticket Rights After Super Bowl LVI

The days of DirectTV and their satellite service dominating the televised out-of-market NFL experience may be drawing to a close as the league has announced that they are shopping new vendors once the current contract lapses.

A new Super Bowl prop bet has been posted at MyBookie that asks online gamblers to select which corporate entity will secure the rights to air regular-season NFL games following the final contest of 2022-23.

Odds To Attain Rights To NFL Sunday Ticket

  • Disney/ESPN +150
  • Amazon +200
  • Comcast +300
  • Google/YouTube +450
  • WarnerMedia/HBO Max +500
  • PornHub +500
  • DIRECTV +600
  • Apple TV +1000
  • Netflix +1500
  • DAZN +2000

Currently leading the Super Bowl betting odds is Disney, which is the parent company for ABC and ESPN. Disney+ has an expanding foothold in the streaming market with their app which can be bundled together with ESPN+ and Hulu (with or without ads).

While Disney certainly has the server strength and financial backing to qualify as the official provider of NFL Sunday Ticket, online scuttlebutt appears to lean in the direction of Amazon being the next suitor.

Amazon Prime has offered streaming NFL games in the past and has the bandwidth to house such a massive and potentially profitable endeavor, and wagers of $1 will net $2 if action is placed right now on their +200 moneyline odds.

Other power players featured as potentials are Comcast and YouTube/Google. Both are larger entities in the realm of hosting online content, but neither has made a move indicating they’ll make a bid to the NFL.

If Super Bowl betting sites are correct in their assumption that Disney/ESPN will be the new home of NFL Sunday Ticket, how will it differ from its current incarnation?

At the moment, a subscription to receive all regular-season NFL games is set at a price of $395, with upgrades and perks available for additional fees.

Will Amazon or Disney+ have the ability to offer smaller packages that cater to individual markets and fanbases? Here are a few ideas that’ll go over well with NFL fans.

What Services Should NFL Sunday Ticket Add?

  1. Season Long Subscriptions For Each NFL Team – This is an option that would satify a large bulk of current NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers that are merely wanting to see their favorite team’s games, and wouldn’t force them to also pay for contests they don’t intent to watch. Of course, this reduced service would likely be more than half the rate of the full priced package, but well worth it to those just looking to follow one team.
  2. Single Game Purchase Options – Some NFL fans are located just outside of their team’s televised region, forcing them to miss some games, but not all 17 weeks. If NFL Sunday Ticket offered an option for single-game purchases that are in the neightborhood of $29.99-$34.99, it is easy to envision a scenario where friends would gather at a single location and throw down $5 a piece. It would be a win-win for fans, the NFL, and whatever streaming service ends up hosting.
  3. Mobile NFL Sunday Ticket Streaming – This service is already offered by DirecTV, but requires a full subscription to Sunday Ticket as well as a basic satellite television package in order to access. Most of the vendors listed in the above prop bet already have a mobile presence, however, it is no guarantee that NFL games will be cleared for viewing on smartphones and tablets. Amazon has aired Thursday Night NFL games in the past, and would seem to be the entity most poised to successfully naviagate those waters.

If indeed DirecTV is edged out of their NFL coverage, viewers can expect easier access to their desired pro football games, but the price tag is expected to rise. Translation – do not expect a discounted rate off of DirectTV’s current pricing schedule.

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