Super Bowl 55 Coin Toss Prop Bets See Increased Action At Online Sportsbooks

Super Bowl bettors are losing their heads over coin toss prop bets because they are taking in much more action than usual at online sportsbooks.

Some gamblers are just after pure action, and there’s no bet that’s features more even action than wagering on a coin toss.

There’s literally no background information that can deliver insight on the eventual result. It’s even better than betting on red or black on the roulette wheel because there’s no green option to serve as a monkey wrench.

It’s 50% heads and 50% tails, regardless of how you flip it, so any earnings made by betting on the Super Bowl coin toss were acquired by pure chance.

Sure, most Super Bowl prop bets are intended for entertainment and are designed to occupy casual bettors that are merely taking part because they are at a party or social gathering.

The SB coin toss odds are always popular, but less so than prop bets on Super Bowl commercials, or odds on the National Anthem performance that occurs just before the game begins.

According to a recent report by ESPN, coin toss bets are on the rise, and the cash revenue that it generates at Super Bowl betting sites, both offshore and domestic, is on an upward trajectory.

While the Super Bowl coin toss offers the unique opportunity to win money and get ahead before the game has begun, it also features an equal chance of starting out the night on the wrong foot with a losing bet.

Not all SB coin toss props cash in immediately. Some heads or tails wagers contain additional actions that must occur for a win or a loss to be declared.

These fun Super Bowl 55 prop bets are hardly exotic, but they do add a little seasoning to these traditional odds that only offer 50/50 outcomes.

Here are three prop bets for Super Bowl 55 that stretch the boundaries of coin toss odds.

IF Bucs Win Coin Toss, Their Choice Will Be?

  • Defer -180         
  • Receive +140     

If Chiefs Win Coin Toss, Their Choice Will Be?

  • Defer -2500       
  • Receive +800

Will Team That Wins Coin Toss Win The Game?

  • No -105
  • Yes -105

Each one of the above props require two actions to occur to win the bet, creating for coin toss odds that fall outside of the realm of a 50% chance of occurring.

An incredible outlier among the SB LV coin toss prop bet odds is the +800 money line on the Kansas City Chiefs opting to defer to the second half after selecting the correct outcome of heads or tails.

If KC defers, betters will receive $8 for each $1 risked, creating the potential for a major pay day that coin toss odds typically do not allow for.

Don’t miss these odds, and all the other SB props offered at our top Super Bowl LV betting sites because once the game is over, time’s up.