Super Bowl 58 Betting Update: 49ers Still The Team To Beat

Only four teams remain in the hunt to win Super Bowl LVIII – The Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers, and Detroit Lions. Do you remember the old Sesame Street skit “One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other”?

The standout franchise among the final four is the Detroit Lions, a team that hasn’t reached the NFC Championship Game since 1991. The Lions have never made it to a Super Bowl, ever, and now they are one win away from crossing that endeavor off the list.

The only problem is that Detroit now has to play the San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara, CA. The following Super Bowl 58 futures place the final four teams in the order of most to least likely to hoist a Lombardi Trophy on February 11th, and it doesn’t look good for the Lions.

Super Bowl 58 Odds To Win

  • San Francisco 49ers +145
  • Baltimore Ravens +190
  • Kansas City Chiefs +350
  • Detroit Lions +700

Of the four remaining NFL teams, the 49ers have won the most Super Bowls with five total. The Ravens have won two and the Chiefs have won three. The Lions do have four pre-merger NFL Championships, but tell that to the local fanbase and see if that prompts any prideful emotions.

Both the AFC and NFC Championships will be awarded this Sunday. The Baltimore Ravens are favored over the Kansas City Chiefs by 3.5 points and the San Francisco 49ers hold an 6.5-point edge over the Detroit Lions.

Length of National Anthem by Reba McEntire

  • Over 86.5 Seconds -150
  • Under 86.5 Seconds +110

Now that the game is just under three weeks away, prop bets have started to appear at online sportsbooks. The above Super Bowl National Anthem prop is in response to the annoucneemnt of Reba McEntire as the singer of the Star-Spangled Banner.

Post Malone will sing America the Beautiful and Andra Day will perform Lift Every Voice and Sing. We’re not seeing any props for the preamble but we expect lines to pop up soon.

Super Bowl 58 Coin Toss Betting Line

  • Heads -115
  • Tails -115

Once of the first lines to payout each February are coin toss odds where gamblers can bet on whether the coin lands heads or tails facing up. There are also odds for Usher’s Super Bowl Halftime show.

Usher odds have been posted since mid-season after he was announced as the performer, but the folliwing prop is recent and pays out well to bettors that can guess his first word uttered into the mic.

Usher’s 1st Word(s) In Half Time Show

  • Yo +250
  • Vegas +300
  • What’s Up +350
  • Hello +500
  • Yeah +500
  • Make Some Noise +600
  • Usher +600
  • I can’t hear you +800
  • Peace +800

These SB props will remain active until their respective outcomes expire, but the Super Bowl LVIII futures will be taken down at some point this Sunday.

Betting OddsBovada, BetOnline

SourceSuper Bowl 58 Official Website