Super Bowl LIII Betting Odds Ahead of the 2019 NFL Divisional Playoffs

Heading into the second week of the 2019 NFL Playoffs, only 8 teams playing in the divisional round have odds and a chance at winning Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, Georgia.

The top two seeds (which are also the four favorites according to the odds) from both the AFC and NFC conference come off their first-round byes and jump into the action.

Last weekend during the wild card round, 3 out of the 4 road teams (Colts, Chargers, Eagles) won their playoff matchup. Even more surprising: All four underdogs (including the Seahawks who lost) covered the spread in the first round.

Now that the best teams enter the picture for the first time in 2019, we’ll be able to see if the upsets were legitimate or picking them going forward equates to nothing more than fool’s gold.

Additionally, every team remaining this week had its Super Bowl odds increase (with the four wild-card winners enjoying the biggest jump) and this trend is likely to continue for the remainder of the playoffs since picking the winner of this year’s Super Bowl becomes easier after each week.

Odds to Win Super Bowl 53 – Before Divisional Round

Super Bowl 53 Odds are provided by Bovada. To view the latest odds, click here.

Teams                                    Divisional Odds        WC Odds       Change (+/-)

New Orleans Saints            +235                           +240               -5

Los Angeles Rams              +400                           +435               -35

Kansas City Chiefs              +400                           +470               -70

New England Patriots         +600                           +650               -50

Los Angeles Chargers        +800                           +1500             -700

Indianapolis Colts                +1200                         +2800             -1600

Philadelphia Eagles            +1200                         +3000             -1800

Dallas Cowboys                   +1800                         +2400             -600

Eliminated after NFL Wild Card Round: Chicago Bears, Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, Seattle Seahawks

Odds to Win 2019 NFC and AFC Conference Championship

After this weekend, the two teams remaining in both conferences will compete in the conference championship game for a shot at making Super Bowl LIII. Whichever team can manage to pull off two straight victories will be the team that pays out this bet.

Odds to Win the 2019 NFC Championship

New Orleans Saints             +105

Los Angeles Rams              +185

Philadelphia Eagles             +550

Dallas Cowboys                   +750

Odds to Win the 2019 AFC Championship

Kansas City Chiefs              +140

New England Patriots         +200

Los Angeles Chargers        +400

Indianapolis Colts                +500

Odds of Exact Matchup in Super Bowl 53

The four favorites to win Super Bowl 53 (Saints, Rams, Chiefs, Patriots) are bunched up in the top half of the odds with the four wild-card winners (Chargers, Colts, Eagles, Cowboys) making up most of the bottom half.

NFC Team VS AFC Team

New Orleans Saints Vs Kansas City Chiefs       +375

New Orleans Saints Vs New England Patriots   +500

Los Angeles Rams Vs Kansas City Chiefs          +500

Los Angeles Rams Vs New England Patriots     +700

New Orleans Saints Vs Los Angeles Chargers  +1000

New Orleans Saints Vs Indianapolis Colts          +1200

Los Angeles Rams Vs Los Angeles Chargers    +1500

Los Angeles Rams Vs Indianapolis Colts           +1600

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Kansas City Chiefs        +1600

Dallas Cowboys Vs Kansas City Chiefs              +1900

Philadelphia Eagles Vs New England Patriots   +2000

Dallas Cowboys Vs New England Patriots          +2500

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Indianapolis Colts          +3500

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Los Angeles Chargers  +3500

Dallas Cowboys Vs Indianapolis Colts                +4000

Dallas Cowboys Vs Los Angeles Chargers        +4500

Odds of Exact Result in Super Bowl 53

Bovada introduced a new set of odds before the divisional round of the playoffs this week, which includes predicting the exact result from Super Bowl 53. Many of the odds are shared from the exact matchup odds seen above with the favorites beating each other at the top and the underdogs beating each other at the bottom.

Saints Defeat Chiefs           +700

Chiefs Defeat Saints           +950

Saints Defeat Patriots         +950

Rams Defeat Chiefs            +1000

Chiefs Defeat Rams            +1200

Patriots Defeat Saints         +1200

Rams Defeat Patriots          +1400

Patriots Defeat Rams          +1700

Saints Defeat Chargers      +1800

Chargers Defeat Saints      +2000

Saints Defeat Colts              +2100

Chargers Defeat Rams       +2600

Colts Defeat Saints              +2600

Rams Defeat Chargers       +2600

Rams Defeat Colts              +3000

Colts Defeat Rams              +3300

Eagles Defeat Chiefs          +3300

Chiefs Defeat Eagles          +3600

Chiefs Defeat Cowboys      +4000

Cowboys Defeat Chiefs      +4000

Eagles Defeat Patriots        +4000

Patriots Defeat Eagles        +4500

Patriots Defeat Cowboys    +5000

Cowboys Defeat Patriots    +5500

Chargers Defeat Eagles     +7000

Chargers Defeat Cowboys +8000

Eagles Defeat Chargers     +8000

Eagles Defeat Colts             +8000

Colts Defeat Eagles             +8500

Cowboys Defeat Chargers +8500

Cowboys Defeat Colts        +9500

Colts Defeat Cowboys        +10000

2019 NFL Divisional Matchups – Betting Lines and Schedule

The divisional round of the 2019 NFL Playoffs will be played on Saturday and Sunday this weekend (Jan. 13-14) and contains four matchups that include all the remaining teams who have a shot at taking home the Lombardi Trophy next month.

Below you’ll find the betting lines for each matchup (point spread, money line, over/under) and where to watch all the teams in the divisional round. The Super Bowl contenders will need to win if they want to play in either the AFC or NFC Championship game next weekend.

Saturday, Jan. 12 – Divisional Matchups

4:35 p.m. ET on NBC – Indianapolis Colts @ Kansas City Chiefs

Colts               +5.0 (-110)     +180              O 57.5 (-105)

Chiefs            -5.0 (-110)      -220              U 57.5 (-115)

8:15 p.m. ET on FOX – Dallas Cowboys @ Los Angeles Rams

Cowboys       +7.0 (-110)     +255               O 49.5 (-110)

Rams              -7.0 (-110)    -310               U 49.5 (-110)

Sunday, Jan. 13 – Divisional Matchups

1:05 p.m. ET on CBS – Los Angeles Chargers @ New England Patriots

Chargers       +4.0 (-110)     +160              O 47.0 (-105)

Patriots           -4.0 (-110)     -180              U 47.0 (-115)

4:40 p.m. ET on FOX – Philadelphia Eagles @ New Orleans Saints

Eagles            +8.0 (-115)     +270              O 51.0 (-105)

Saints             -8.0 (-105)     -340              U 51.0 (-115)