Is Gambling On Super Bowl Commercials a Thing? You Bet!

Super Bowl commercials are an enduring phenomenon.  Even the DVR generation can’t resist the temptation of watching all the brand-new ads during championship Sunday. 

Thanks to Bovada Sportsbook, you can now bet on some of the best Super Bowl commercials with their new prop bets that they’ve posted.  But how do commercial betting lines work, since best and funniest are subjective and impossible to create odds for?

If you are planning on betting on the Super Bowl commercials, one of the lines being offered is on how many commercials will air during Super Bowl 54.  Last year there were 91 commercials aired, and Bovada has set the line at 92.5.  Will the trend continue upward, or has the game’s running time and capacity for commercials leveled out?

How Many Commercials Will Run During The Super Bowl?

Over 92.5 -125
Under 92.5 -115

How Much Does a Super Bowl Commercial Cost? 

The Hollywood Reporter states that the price for a 30-second advertisement during the 2020 Super Bowl costs $5.6 million. 

The cost for these commercials has continued to rise over the years, and all indications are that the price will continue to escalate.  These advertisement slots quickly sell out due to companies wanting to ensure that they can outshine their competition. 

Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi

Two companies that have been at war for decades are Coca-Cola and Pepsi.  Coke has historically been the industry leader.  Will Pepsi pony up and take a swing at the big dog?  Bovada thinks so.

Which Commercial Will Appear First? – Coca-Cola Co. Or SodaStream (PepsiCo)

Coca-Cola Co. EVEN
SodaStream (PepsiCo) -140

Mountain Dew vs. Toyota

We’re not sure why these two are paired together on a betting line, but that goes to show how easy it is to create a fun Super Bowl prop bet. Mountain Dew is bringing the goods this year with screen accurate spoof of a scene from The Shining starring Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston.

Which Commercial Will Appear First? – Mtn Dew Or Toyota

Mtn Dew -115
Toyota -125

New York Life vs. TurboTax

Its tax filing time of year and TurboTax is usually a big player in the world of Super Bowl commercials. We’ve yet to see TurboTax’s Super Bowl 54 ad, but New York Life has released their heartfelt commercial for early viewing.

Which Commercial Will Appear First? – New York Life Or TurboTax

New York Life -270
TurboTax +180

Breakfast vs. Snacking

Doritos is the odds on favorite to air first during the big game. The Pop-Tarts ad has yet to be revealed, but it has been reported that it will include loads of sparkle thanks to the inclusion of famous hairdresser Jonathan Van Ness. We’re hearing whispers of the Pop-Tart commercial airing at the end of the first half, so factor that into your wager.

Pop-Tarts will need the extra sizzle. Doritos is bringing their A-game with a western-themed commercial featuring Sam Elliot’s interpretation of Little Nas X’s “Old Town Road.”

Which Commercial Will Appear First? – Pop-Tarts Or Doritos

Pop-Tarts (Kellogg’s) +200
Doritos (Frito-Lay) -300

Chip vs. Dip

Pringles will be squaring off against guacamole and hummus specialist, Sabra. The odds favor Pringles. That could be because they’ve gone high budget, summoning animated duo Rick and Morty to do the honors. View the odds and the Pringles commercial below.

Which Commercial Will Appear First? – Pringles Or Sabra

Pringles (Kellogg) -220
Sabra +155

Audi vs. Porsche

Sometimes companies can compete against themselves.  Most people would probably assume that Audi and Porsche are entirely different brands and have nothing to do with Volkswagen, but they are all under the3 same hat.

So which brand do they want to push first?  The odds favor Porsche, but if you’re feeling like placing a bet on Audi, a $100 bet will you earn you $130.

Which Commercial Will Appear First? – Audi Or Porsche

Audi (Volkswagen) +130
Porsche (Volkswagen) -170

You can view Audi and Porche’s commercials here:

Michelob vs. Michelob?

Another brand that is competing against itself is Michelob. Which brand will they want to push more? Bovada suggests that they are likely to roll out Ultra first. Perhaps the organic farming message included in the Pure Gold spot would feel more natural later in the game. Check out the Pure Gold Super Bowl ad below.

Which Commercial Will Appear First? – Michelob Ultra Or Michelob Pure Gold

Michelob Ultra -130
Michelob Pure Gold -110

Trump vs. Bloomberg

If you are looking for a crazy super bowl bet, then you’ve landed in the right spot. Which billionaire will spend the most to make sure that he is seen first on Super Bowl Sunday? Bovada thinks it’ll be Trump. Will Bloomberg pull a fast one on Donald?

Which Commercial Will Appear First? – Donald Trump Or Michael Bloomberg

Donald Trump -270
Michael Bloomberg +180