Best Payouts and Big Money Bets for Super Bowl 54

If you want to bring home the most money on a single bet, then you’ll need to seek out a betting line with enormous odds.  You can’t find massive Super Bowl odds just betting on who will win. You’ll have to wade through the minutia and dig into the world of Super Bowl prop bets.

Let’s have a look at some of the most favorable betting lines being offered so we can find out how to bet on the Super Bowl and get the biggest payouts for the smallest bet.  The following lines have been provided by our recommended sportsbooks.

Exact Winning Margin

49ers by 40 +75000
49ers by 41 +75000

One of the biggest longshots that we have seen is +75000, which requires the bettor to select the exact margin of victory that the 49ers will win by.  First, the 49ers must win.  Second, they must win by either 40 or 41 points.  Both outcomes have the exact same odds of occurring, and both will pay you $75,000 on a $100 bet.

Who Will Score 2 Or More Touchdowns?

Dante Pettis (SF) +10000
Richie James (SF) +10000
Anthony Sherman (KC) +10000|
Blake Bell (KC) +10000
Byron Pringle (KC) +10000
Deon Yelder (KC) +10000
Jeff Wilson (SF) +10000
Ross Dwelley (SF) +10000
Levine Toilolo (SF) +10000

A quick review of this list of names, and you can see why the odds are set so high.  They are not regular contributors to their team’s offensive efforts, and even one touchdown scored would be extremely rare.  Still, if you’ve been studying game film and have a hunch about one of these guys, you could hit big and turn a $100 bet into $10,000. 

Options for Total Points Scored

Neither Team Reaches 10 points +10000
No Touchdowns Scored By Either Team +10000
1 TD Total Scored By Both Teams +4000
2 TDs Total Scored By Both Teams +2000
Neither Team Reaches 15 Points +3500
Neither Team Reaches 20 Points +1200
Total Points Scored 0-20 +4800
Total Points Scored 21-30 +1200

If your research tells you that Super Bowl 54 will be a low scoring affair, then there are many high payout options for you.  If you are confident that both teams will total 20 points or less, then you can earn a payout of $4800 on a $100 wager.

First Scoring Play

Either Team Scores a Non-TD or Non-FG first +5000

If either team scores and it is not a field goal or a touchdown, then a $100 bet can payout at $5000.  So how can a team score without a touchdown or a field goal being involved?  The only way that can happen is by scoring a safety.  There have only been nine occurrences of a safety in a Super Bowl.

Zero FGs scored by either team

Yes +2800

Super Bowl 7 is the only time that a field goal has not been scored in the big game when the Miami Dolphins defeated the Washington Redskins 14-7. Perhaps we are due for another Super Bowl without a field goal?

Anyone Not Named Mahomes, Garoppolo or Mostert Winning Super Bowl MVP

+1200 (or higher)

No really, pick anyone not named Mahomes, Garoppolo, or Mostert to win Super Bowl MVP, and you’ll multiply your wager by at least twelve.  Quarterbacks win the Super Bowl MVP award 54% of the time, but that still leaves a pretty large margin.  A non-QB wins the award 46% of the time.  There are many big-time players that can make an impact in this game, and there is a lot of money to be made on the correct choice of MVP.  One thing is for sure.  You can win a lot of money if you place your bet on the right Super Bowl MVP longshot. While it is possible that one of the players could win the award, there are better Super Bowl bets to be had elsewhere. 

Will Patrick Mahomes Dislocate His Knee Again

Yes +1200
No -3000

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes suffered a midseason knee injury that caused him to miss some time in 2019.  San Francisco is arguably the greatest defense that the Chiefs will face all year and will provide the toughest test that Mahomes has faced in his career.  If the 49ers’ nasty defense can manage to injure Mahomes again, then that could mean a big payday for you.

Will There Be Double-Overtime

Yes +1000
No -2500

Super Bowl 51 was the only time the big game ever went into overtime.  Will this be the year that it goes down to the wire and we reach a second overtime?  Not likely, but the longshot odds will pay well if it happens. 

Who Will The Super Bowl MVP Thank First?

Owner +1400

There are several options offered for this betting line, but none that are as potentially lucrative as whether the Super Bowl MVP will thank the owner first.  This wager features very high odds, but if you think about it, when the MVP is giving his speech, he is always standing right next to a member of ownership as well as the coaching staff.  It could be a matter of who the MVP sees first, and that could mean loads of cash for you.