Super Bowl LII Entertainment Props – Betting On The Half Time Show

Prop bets are an exciting part of the legal Super bowl betting landscape. Most prop bets are based on the actual game. You will find things like alternative score lines, the first team to score a touchdown, odds of a certain player winning MVP, how many field goals there will be, etc. But, as gambling goes, there is always something to bet on. In football, there are entertainment prop bets usually centering on the halftime show, broadcast and Super Bowl commercials. We’ve found some of the most interesting prop bets and included them here.

Justin Timberlake is performing at the Super Bowl 52 halftime show. Timberlake has performed at the NFL’s biggest game before, with his Super Bowl 38 performance going down in infamy. He accidentally pulled off a piece of co-performer Janet Jackson’s outfit, causing an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. For those who remember this mishap, you’ll be happy to know that people are betting on whether or not Janet Jackson will be mentioned in the broadcast. The over/under wager is set at 1.5 times. You can also bet on whether “Nipplegate,” the new term associated with that Super Bowl blunder, is mentioned. “Yes” pays out at +500 while “No” is the favorite at -900. You can also bet on the color of Timberlake’s shoes when he comes out, with white (-125), black (+175), brown/beige (+700), blue (+1000), green (+1000), red (+1600) or yellow(+2000) all available options. Another halftime performance bet is whether he will be wearing a hat when he begins his show. “Yes” sits at +350 while “No” is listed at -600.

Pink is performing the National Anthem at the big game, and there are multiple prop bets surrounding her performance as well. You can bet on how long it will take her to sing the National Anthem, with over 2 minutes at -140 and under at EVEN. You can bet on what color her hair will be—pink/red (+150), white/blonde (+175), brown/black (+400), blue/purple (+500) and green (+500) all available. Curious about whether or not she will be airborne? Well, you can bet on that. Most oddsmakers think she will not be. You can also bet on whether or not she will forget or omit a word from the National Anthem, if she will say “Eagles” at any point before, during or after the song, or if she will wear a Philadelphia Eagles hat or shirt during the performance.

For other outlandish bets, you can wager on the total number of tweets Donald Trump puts out on Super Bowl Sunday. You can also bet on whether or not he is mentioned in the broadcast. An interesting bet is whether or not Al Michaels, the game’s commentator, will mention the spread at any point during the game.

As you can see, these types of Super Bowl prop bets are designed to be more fun. We recommend you don’t get too caught up in the prop hype, because it is an easy way to lose money. However, if you are interested in mixing things up, entertainment props are a good way to go.