What Betting Odds Suggest About Potential 2020-2021 NFL Playoff Bracket

Its never too early to begin projecting toward the NFL postseason, and today, we’ll do just that using the current NFL Playoff betting odds as our guide.

This year, there’ll be an extra wild card team per conference, meaning that the total number of playoff teams will rise from twelve to fourteen.

This affects the playoffs in two very significant ways.

For starters, a first-round playoff bye week will now only be granted to the top seed in each conference, making the number one spot that much more desirable.

This should create for elevated levels of competition deep into the season by the league’s best franchises, as coasting into second place no longer offers the benefit of a week off.

The second major factor that the extra wild card team will cause is that there’ll be an extra two games on wild card weekend, creating for two back-to-back triple-headers for the NFL.

Now that’s certainly a weekend packed full of NFL playoff betting action that should satisfy the most rabid sports wagering fanatics.

Using the current Super Bowl 55 betting odds and division champion betting lines available at Bovada Sportsbook, we’ve come up with the following potential 2020-2021 NFL playoff bracket.

2020-2021 AFC Playoffs

  • #1 Kansas City Chiefs (bye week)
  • #7 New England Patriots @ #2 Baltimore Ravens
  • #6 Tennessee Titans @ #3 Buffalo Bills
  • #5 Pittsburgh Steelers @ #4 Indianapolis Colts

2020-2021 NFC Playoffs

  • #1 San Francisco 49ers (bye week)
  • #7 Philadelphia Eagles @ #2 New Orleans Saints
  • #6 Seattle Seahawks @ #3 Green Bay Packers
  • #5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ #4 Dallas Cowboys

Both the AFC and the NFC are stacked full of solid contenders that make the number one seed a coveted possession amongst teams looking to make a run at the Lombardi Trophy next February.

These predicted seedings leave out high-octane teams such as the Minnesota Vikings, Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, and Houston Texans from postseason action.

If these brackets turn out to be accurate, the NFL and the networks involved in the wild card weekend broadcasts are in for some high ratings as Tom Brady with his Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be featured as well as his old team, the New England Patriots, who may be under the leadership of veteran quarterback and former league MVP Cam Newton.

Brady and Tampa Bay appear to have a somewhat favorable path to the Super Bowl, while head coach Bill Belichick and his Patriots immediately run into the buzz saw that is the Baltimore Ravens.

The time to get in on Super Bowl futures betting is now, as the odds are typically more favorable the earlier on in the season they are produced. That’s especially true before the season begins, because most of the odds movement is based on action or speculation.

The best Super Bowl 55 betting sites will focus their betting lines on in-season game play, historic information, weather, and injury statuses as the season progresses, creating for more accurate odds, and slimmer payouts.

The NFL season is still scheduled to begin on time, so with any luck, we’ll all be finding out more about our favorite teams and their playoff chances very soon.